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When You Know Joomla, You Will Love It

When You Know Joomla, You Will Love It

Joomla is a popular content management system (CMS), which helps you create websites quickly, cheaply and easily without requiring advanced knowledge of PHP, HTML. Moreover, when you know Joomla, you will love it not only its features but also its capability, flexibility, and ease of use. Today I am going to show you the reasons why you should use Joomla - because you will love it


+Supportive and Open Community:

When you begin managing websites, you also need a CMS that has a strong community that you can ask for help. You know, when you manage websites, many unexpected things will happen and you will want to find out the answer or ask for help as soon as possible.

Joomla is so popular, with hundreds of thousands of people using it every day, and thousands of people contributing to it with great looking templates and extensions. But the best thing about it is its community, where thousands of people come together to help each other get the most out of it. Visit Joomla Community, where you can find help from the A-Z questions and find answers for every problem, or find more in the Guide Help. You can ask almost everything there.
Moreover, you can learn a lot by joining a Joomla User Group. They have the meetings where users introduce new extensions and teach each other. It's one of the most valuable activities that a Joomla User Group can provide for you. Besides that, you can learn Joomla through videos from JoomlaDay. Attending a JoomlaDay can also be very educational. They are held worldwide and are very informative too.


+Regular Security Updates:

When you use any website, one of the hardest questions you will ask yourself is which CMS has the best security features because websites are easily hacked and you can lose all your databases and information.
Actually, Joomla and any other CMS systems are the same when it comes to security. None are 100% safe, especially if you do not update the system frequently.
But in Joomla, you will get to sleep easier at night because Joomla regularly releases updates. The Joomla team has just released 2 security updates for Joomla 2.5.19, 3.2.3 and Joomla 3.3 Beta. These updates resolve a significant number of issues and bugs.
About Joomla 3.3 Beta, this release is mainly focused on raising the bar on security. Joomla 3.3 includes a really important security fix, and then goes on to enhance the cryptography that keeps your users’ passwords safe and sound.
Moreover, Joomla’ s admin page has password protection. If it is hacked, Joomla has the Akeeba one-step backup process. You can even set it to do automatic backups and it takes less than 10 minutes for a restore.


+Powerful Extensions:

Are you looking for a plugin to run a complicated website? Joomla can offer a choice of 10,000 different extensions, which help people use to quickly run a complicated website with different services. They have tons of extensions to use, with open source plugins that are very useful. For example, the picture below shows 9 useful Joomla extensions you should have when using Joomla:

9 must-have Joomla Extensions

Extensions have 5 categories that you can choose from: Components, Modules, Plugins, Templates and Languages.
To find an extension, you can log in to the website: Joomla Extensions Directory (JED). In this website, you can find the extension that you need from searching a category or using keywords. Besides, you also can read reviews, and download/purchase an extension.
Joomla can be expanded even further with a whole host of great features, such as, event calendars, social networking, and much more. There are currently around 7000 Joomla extensions to choose from. Adding these Joomla extensions is simple, with an easy to use built in extension installer. 


+Professional Templates:

Joomla templates

Joomla templates are easy to use. Anyone can use them without having any knowledge about the subject matter. A new template can be modified or added easily. They can add text, images and content easily by using an editor support tool.
Besides that, the default Joomla templates are simply remarkable. But if you want to create complex websites that look professional, you can research a variety of professional Joomla templates at some websites, such as: JoomlaShine or ThemeForest. All of them have very professional and unique to free Hi-quality Joomla templates, which can be easily added to your website.

Wrapping Up
The above just gives you some of the advantages when using Joomla. There are also many more reasons why you should use Joomla and love it. If you want to share with us why you are using Joomla or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below.

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When You Know Joomla, You Will Love It

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