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[Why you should choose Joomla] Joomla is easy, even for dummies

[Why you should choose Joomla] Joomla is easy, even for dummies

So here comes the final part of the series “Why you should choose Joomla”. This time, let’s break the myths about the ease of use in Joomla that many people still hold on – like, “Joomla is not easy”. If you say that 10 years ago, I could agree. 

The race between Joomla and WordPress- the most popular CMS platform seems hotter than ever because Joomla has decreased the gap between them on the market.

Therefore, if you’re still insisting on the thought that Joomla is NOT easy, you’re probably missing out the best CMS in the world. Joomla has evolved so dramatically that you can use it to create any website you want like a breeze. 

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Break the myth #1: Joomla has a steep learning curve

C’mon, it’s not as steep as you think.

And tell me, which CMS doesn’t need a completely non-experience user to read its documentation or watch some tutorials to set it up?

You can’t use anything if you don’t learn how to use it. And, gladly, you can set up a Joomla website just as easily as how you do it with WordPress.

First, it only takes you 3 steps to install – just like WordPress. Plus, you can finish the whole process under 1-minute.

Next, you already have the guide on how to get started with Joomla. You have the completely comprehensive Joomla Documentation to dive in.

What’s more? You have nearly 8,000 Joomla extensions and thousands of high quality Joomla templates to facilitate your website demands. With these in hand, you can do whatever you want for your Joomla website.

Not to mention that you can actually have fun setting up your Joomla with this little weapon: JSN PowerAdmin. JSN PowerAdmin allows you to have full control over your website setting options in just a single screen.

There are many other Joomla tools out there to make Joomla administration even easier for you like Admin Tools by Akeeba. This tool literally does all the admin tasks for you such as maintaining your website, securing it, notifying you about the update, etc.


Stop the stereotype about Joomla takes to many steps or knowledge to use. I assume those who say that haven’t touched Joomla in ages.

Because everything you need to understand Joomla is available. Moreover, Joomla itself is a concrete giant to provide everything you need to build your site. Check out what Joomla can do for you here – be the mind that if you want WordPress to have the same functionality, you’ll have to use a bunch of WordPress plugins.

Break the myth #2: Joomla is a hard-to-tame monster

Many are afraid that with the great power Joomla provide, they’ll have a more difficult time getting used to it.

I agree that Joomla is a monster, but it’s a friendly monster.

This means that you can have the best shot of your website with Joomla without having to try to the extreme. Or at least, it doesn’t require you to have a certain level of expertise to put your site together like WordPress due to the lack of functionality provided by the core.

More importantly, using Joomla has become incredibly easy. Let’s take a look at some examples.

There are many things Joomla can do. More importantly, Joomla has made it easy and fast for you to play with all of its function. Check out the power of Joomla here (and you can totally get used to its power quickly).

Break the myth #3: Joomla is only easy for developers

Many developers endorse Joomla over other CMSs, there’s no doubt about it. But at the same time, Joomla nowadays has a straightforward and simple design so non-experience users can use it without extensive experiment.

It’s true that Joomla is used by millions of developers to build powerful websites. However, web business owners – or the end-users – can find it easier to use Joomla without 24/7 assistance by a developer.

There are a lot of user-friendly features and UX improvements added in Joomla. Joomla 3.6 and its blast of new features is a good example. 

It just seems that everyone living outside the Joomla world keeps thinking this system is difficult and complex or just for the pro but the reality is totally in reverse.

Choose Joomla for your perfect website in a breeze

Joomla deserves a better place in the back of the user’s mind as it has been improving constantly for users themselves – both experienced and non-experience ones. People need to recognize the advantage of using Joomla to build a dynamic site that can do a myriad of things needed without having to be an expert!


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