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[Why you should choose Joomla] Joomla extensions & templates are the greatest weapons

[Why you should choose Joomla] Joomla extensions & templates are the greatest weapons

Hello, it’s not magic! But yes, Joomla is alive, has been well and nowhere near its doomsday, like many people (sadly) believe that.

Also, think again if you still believe Joomla is a hard to tame monster and just ruins your website all the time.


Give me your 5 minutes of attention. I’ll walk you through the first episode of my “Joomla is not hard like you think and why you should choose it” series.

Note before you go further down: I’m going to compare Joomla with WordPress since “Joomla vs. WordPress” is the most popular debate so far. However, I mean no hate towards WordPress here, since I’m also a WordPress user. My point in comparing these two is to make it clear that there are many wrong beliefs about Joomla while comparing to other CMS.

Joomla Extensions – Now that’s what I call real power trigger of a website

Joomla extensions are not as high quality as WordPress plugins? Think again.

The invincible strength of Joomla extensions is you can use an extension and it gives you a very powerful specific feature for your site.

For example, if you’re building a charity website and you need a Donate feature, then using JoomDonation will give you exactly what you want, from creating a recurring donation, showing a thermometer of donation progress, creating a fundraising campaign, etc.

I bet it is much more powerful than what a WordPress plugin can do.

Joomla Extension Directory

Let’s take a look at the jungle of Joomla extensions - Joomla Extensions Directory (JED).

If it has been ages since the last time you visit JED, here is how it looks today:

Why choose Joomla-Joomla Extension Directory

So, once upon a time, there was a complaint that JED is not intuitive and how Joomla extensions are harder to find/install than WordPress ones.

Then, we got a revamped JED and extension submission process to bring peace to both Joomla end users while searching for their desired extensions and Joomla developers to submit their work.

Now, if you already visited JED, you’ll see how neat and classified it is.

Firstly, there is an advanced search that helps you browse the extension you want by its keyword, tag, free/paid, updates, with or without a demo, etc.

Below the convenient search function, there are total +7913 extensions, divided in 34 different categories. Each extension has a very clear detail page with its screenshots, user’s scores, functionality, documentation, reviews, update information, etc. So even when you’re a new Joomla user, you know which Joomla extensions to browse and which ones are trusted enough for you to download.

Joining in JED are many credible Joomla extension providers. Thanks to many premium and high-quality Joomla extensions by JoomlaShine, JoomlaTools, StackIdeas, etc. Joomla weapons are becoming very incredibly helpful in making Joomla management effortless for Joomla users.

With this wide range of quality Joomla extensions in JED, I believe that you have everything you need for your website no matter what kind of website you are building.

So, if you’re browsing JED for a Joomla extension, I bet there won’t be a single sweat drop to find your wanted one.


Installing Joomla extensions in backend

This feature obviously appears in WordPress first. WordPress allows users to find and install WordPress plugins right from WordPress admin panel.

Then Joomla also applied this idea and you can search and install Joomla from its backend too.


The power of Joomla extensions

Imagining having a Joomla extension at your hands to build your website, it’s just like holding a lightsaber. I mean, its power is equal. But you don’t need The Force to use it since Joomla extensions are just as easy as WordPress ones (or any other CMS extensions) with the same Click-Install-Configure process.

To dig it deeper, the mechanism of Joomla has in-built support for not only core features but third party extensions as well. Plus, Joomla extensions are assigned to modules in website so you have more power in enhancing the overall functionality of your site.

Joomla extensions and its modules also bring you a more complex system than the current crown-taker WordPress – although the admin interface seems to be less convenient (yet, again, it’s not nerve-wrecking to use). The administrator panel in Joomla can be less convenient, but it works perfectly with more modules and offers many more built-in functionalities to power up your website.

If you’re still not convinced by Joomla admin, then you can use the ultimate pain-killers for it – like JSN PowerAdmin 2. JSN PowerAdmin 2 brings Joomla admin interface to the next level and all you have to do with the admin job is just comfort.

Why choose Joomla-JSN PowerAdmin


Joomla Templates – Dressing up your site is easy

Building Joomla template is not hard. And if you want your Joomla homepage to have a different look from its inner pages, it’s very easy to do so by assigning themes to menu items. For WordPress, you’ll need to create a new template or use a plugin which is very time consuming.

Joomla also separates its plugins/modules/components functionalities from the theme better than WordPress does. If you go searching, there will be plenty of complaining articles about how heavy WordPress themes are with tons of functionalities. The core should be in charge of the functionality, not the theme or template.

Additionally, if you want to quickly create template configuration options for Joomla, knowing XML and Joomla syntax to create basic controls is enough. In WordPress, there will be more work for the basic options and for your own solutions.

For end-users, there are countless high-quality Joomla template providers out there to bring you just the Joomla template you want. It’s hard to calculate exactly how many Joomla templates are out there, but yeah, there are good Joomla templates for any kind of website. The Sun Template Framework by JoomlaShine team for Joomla developers will make building Joomla template easier than, even, WordPress:

Why choose Joomla-Sun framework

After choosing for your site a Joomla template, the configuration is easy, too. Because Joomla templates are built without too much intervention with your site’s functionality, it is very flexibly customizable and versatile.

In a nutshell

If your reason for not choosing Joomla because of its “poor quality” or “less diverse” Joomla extensions and Joomla templates, you’d better think again about it – or – be a wiser in picking a good Joomla provider next time.

Like WordPress, Joomla has a wide range of extensions and templates to serve all of your need. More than that, with Joomla, you are given more power to build your website.

And Joomla today is made easier too. You don’t need to be an expert to use it nor spending too much time to learn it. Let’s discuss again in our next part: Joomla Functionalities.

Have your thought on this interesting topic? Let’s share your opinion below.

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