JoomlaShine All The Way

What an appropriate name. This is just a big thank you to a great company with great products and even better customer service.

After getting our next order to design a website for a signage company, I decided to invest in Joomlashine, since I already bought their JSN Imageshow Pro, and new the quality of their products. I bought their Template Development Package, and decided to use the JSN Epic template for this project.

After a month of blood, sweat and tears, I'm sitting with a signed off project and very happy client. This is in no small part due to the Joomlashine team who was there all the way, to help solve the numerous problems I encountered, quickly and professionally. They even went out of their way to help out with problems that wasn't even directly related to their template. I ended up even purchasing and using their JSN Uniform Pro. So you can say this site is basically build on Joomlashine products.

I can really recommend Joomlashine wholeheartedly, as their products are really superior in quality, style, and thoroughness, and you can take on any project on with confidence, knowing you have their full backup every step of the way.

Thank you and well done Joomlashine!

Don't Even Think About Another Template Company

I've been a webmaster since 2004 and I can vouche for Joomlashines products and services. They created several clean and responsive templates that can transform any site into a sleek and professional showcase. Their JSN ImageShow component is no slouch either, not many slideshows have the ability to include image ALT tags and retain Javascript image delivery, so that they can work on iPhones and iPads, which still don't support flash.

My favorite features allow me to fully customize the look and feel of the template through the backed. There's a template width selector that allows you to instantly transform your site from responsive, fixed width, and mobile compatible. I have several sites and having the ability to fully customize the template to match the unique character of each website was very important to me.

JoomlaShine is ahead of the curve and since I've owned their products for several years, I can honestly say that their support is top level. They update my templates constantly and they made the upgrade process as simple as clicking a few buttons in your back-end. I wish that all of my other components were programmed as well as these templates. Don't bother looking elsewhere if your plan to get something that looks professional and includes all the bells and whistles anyone could ask for. They make top end products and I'm proud to say that I run JoomlaShine templates on my sites.

Keep up the great work!

Best Wishes,

A new site build with your wonderful JSN Epic template

I am about to upload a new book to Amazon "Build your own website fast, cheap, with no coding". Go to for a preview. The site was built with YOUR template. I absolutely LOVE JSN Epic PRO. All the functions I will ever need. No glitches, No hassles, No problems, and the best support team I have yet to encounter.

Thanks for the only template I will ever need.

Barney Schwartz - Director/Manager

As one of the better templates

As one of the better templates currently available for the Joomla CMS, JSN EPIC by JoomlaShine provides you flexibility and outstanding graphics to develop a professional website.

We are using the JSN EPIC Developer version for a number of websites. We worked for a while with the free version, but could not resist buying the "Pro Version" of the template. We bought our first template in 2006 (version 2) and have been working since with the template’s improved functionality (versions 3 and 4).

JSN Epic supports websites that use languages that are read from the right to the left - RTL (such as Dari and Arabic). This was important since we developed websites for organizations in Afghanistan and Iraq. JSN Epic beautifully manages the rendering of text in multi-lingual websites that use both RTL and LTR languages and it works perfectly with Joomfish.

We are equally impressed with the documentation and support provided by the JoomlaShine team. We did have a few technical questions in the past and they were addressed within hours by the team.

Besides professional websites, JSN Epic can also be used for fun projects such as This project shows that JSN Epic, although designed for the professional market, is ideal for personal and special interest sites where quality and flexibility are required. It is easy to customize the background of the template and with a large number of module positions, you will have flexibility in designing the feel and look of your site.

We haven’t had time yet to also “mobilize” our sites for smart phone users. We know that JSN Epic already provides this option, but we will explore this later after we have migrated our sites to Joomla 1.6.

Dr. Gregory F. Maassen

Das Template für JSN EPIC ist klasse

Das Template für JSN EPIC ist klasse. Sehr flexibel in der Anpassung und viele toole Features. Respekt für das Ergebniss, es macht Spass mit dem Template zu arbeiten.

Jochen Rechsteiner

Danke for a phantastic template

Das Template erfüllt höchste Ansprüche in puncto Layout und Funktionalität. Die mitgelieferten Dokumentationen sind umfassend und verständlich, somit sehr hilfreich.

Der Support ist ebenfalls präzise, zuverlässig und schnell: Als ich Probleme mit der ImageShow hatte, habe ich JSN einen Administratorzugang ermöglicht, einen Tag später hatte ich einen auf meine Bedürnisse zugeschnittenen Patch. Super!!

Danke fur eure arbeit und eure produkte

Ich möchte mich herzlich Bedanken und deutlich für die Templates und die Erweiterungen von JoomlaShine aussprechen. Das hat folgende Gründe: Die Templates sind besonders einfach zu konfigurieren und bieten viele leichte Anpassungsmöglichkeiten, bei wundervollem Design! Die CSS-Dateien sind gut kommentiert. Ein Framework wird nicht benötigt. Besonders hervorheben möchte ich zwei weitere Dinge: Die vielen Einstellungen des Templates sind hervorragend Dokumentiert; man findet sich leicht zurecht und kann schnell die Einstellungen nachvollziehen, die zum gewünschten Ergebnis führen. Sollte man an einer Stelle nicht weiterkommen, ist der Support auch am Wochenende besonders schnell.

Spätestens innerhalb von 24 Stunden hat man eine Antwort. Auch Sonderfälle werden schnell und kulant gelöst.

Ich arbeite gern mit den Produkten von JoomlaShine!

Danke für eure Arbeit und eure Produkte

N. Winckel &

Excellent support

Having downloaded JSN Epic Template I experienced a few set up problems, however the excellent support from the Joomlashine team kept my spirits high! Can't praise them enough - Excellent.

In addition the number of modules with the flexibility of changing CSS etc is so well presented well done!

Cheyne Marley

Excellent this is what i was looking for

I was looking for a suitable template which you can use it for multi languages website, especially it works with right to left language. I tried numerous other Joomla templates, but none were as flexible and efficient as joomlashine templates. If you are looking for templates with these qualities do not hesitate in buying joomlashine templates.

Thank you

Babek Azeri

Free from addiction

I was diagnosed as addicted to HTML, Style sheets and Perl. After resisting for a while I was admitted to a Joomla! clinic.

I received JSN templates for a full week (one a day). Fortunately the treatment was successful and I am cured. Thanks God! Thanks to people at such a wonderful manufacture of truly professional templates.


Decio Elias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil