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4 essential factors of a trustworthy consulting website


As for you to succeed in consulting business, for your service to reach to the mind of thousands of people, you must have an excellent website. Period.


Despite how high your skill is, if no one knows about you, you can’t help anyone. Therefore, you will need to prove to potential customers that spending time with you is worth the money.

It is a challenging job. But don’t worry, I will tell you 4 essential factors to make a trustworthy Joomla consulting website that will guide you what need to be done.

1. Professional design

  • It takes 0.05 seconds for the user to decide whether they will leave or stay on your website.
  • 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the design is unattractive


These number above indicate that website design matter. To convince people’s mind, you must convince their eyes first.

In consulting business, lean and clear design is often enough. You don’t need too many fancy features to convey your idea and persuade customer.

Word is powerful. Take advantage of it.

Also, be sure to make your site easy to navigate.

2. Use real case studies to build your credibility

Beside putting client testimonials, a case study is the best way to convince your customers that you actually have delivered the result. Here is the most simple but effective way to write a case study:

  1. Start by overviewing the difficulty of your clients.
  2. Then, show your approach briefly with a reason behind.
  3. Finally, deliver a positive statistic result.

This is also how a case study page was done on the PwC website. You could learn a lot from their examples.

Remember: Tell stories that sell.


3. Blogging and provide industry insights

If a case study is not enough to persuade your difficult customer, drop another “credibility bomb” on their mind by providing industry insights and blogging.

Many people underestimate the power of blogging and sharing knowledge, but in reality, it’s the most cost-effective way.

If you’re confident enough to start a consulting firm, you must be confident that your knowledge surpasses your customer. Use that knowledge gap as your advantage. Blogging is one way to use it.

When your customers constantly deal with difficulty and challenge, they have to reach out somewhere for the solution. So, why don’t you take this chance to make acquaintance with them by sharing what you know? Not just customer will remember your brand, but also they also list your site as an option for solution in the future.

The same result with sharing industry insights. You may compress this information as a lead magnet to capture their personal contact (email, phone number, etc.)

Do so, the customer will start to believe you know what you are talking about.

Note: Optimize your blog content for SEO. It will help you get more organic traffic, and your word reaches to more potential customers.


4. Clear contact information

Don’t make your visitor dig through entirely your website just to find your contact. A simple contact form like below could do the job.

As you have their information, make contact with your customer as quickly as possible. Don’t make your competitors get to your customer first. They are many and as good at persuading people as you.

In summary,

A website is just one touch point in the customer journey. But if you did it correctly, your site could sell for you. Here is our recap of 4 essential factors in building trustworthy finance and consulting website:

  1. Have a professional design
  2. Use real case studies to establish your credibility
  3. Blogging and provide industry insights.
  4. Provide clear contact information.

However, not everyone knows how to code or has design skills. You can either hire an expert or use a templated optimized for consulting site.

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