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5 best Free Joomla social media extensions for Joomla 3.5

5 best Free Joomla social media  extensions for Joomla 3.5

Social media now has been become one of the most important growth tactics that no business can ignore. By integrating social media channels, you not only can join the same playground with your customers, but also get your website content go viral and drive more traffic to your site . That’s the reason why we need to use Joomla social media extensions.

Previously, I listed down some free Joomla 2.5 extensions for your site to connect to social media. But since Joomla 3.5 was here let's check the updated list with 5 free Joomla 3.5 extensions below. All of them are categorized by functionality:

  1. Display your social channels
  2. Bookmark and share
  3. Display your social activities
  4. Add comments using social account

Display your social channels – CoalaWeb Social Links

Nowadays, some Joomla templates, like JoomlaShine templates,  have social icons integration already. But if you are using a Joomla template without this feature, or if you want to display the social icons in different places, you should try this handy Joomla 3.5 extension: CoalaWeb Social Links.

Free Joomla 3.5 social media extensions - Coalaweb Social links

CoalaWeb Social Links supports various Share and Follow setting options. In backend, social channels are splited into 6 Follow option tabs, so it causes much time in switching tab to configure the suitable channels.

However, all the parameters are very clear and informative. You can display the module in any position, in any size, with popup or not. The setting can be configured with just clicks, no coding knowledge required.  You can quickly get the module work perfectly within only a minute.

Bookmark and share – Sumome

Well, CoalaWeb also helps site visitors share content on your site. But it doesn’t show the share statistics so it might be a bit boring. I highly recommend you to use Sumome. Actually, this is not a Joomla 3.5 extension. offers sharing bar for all websites.

Free Joomla 3.5 social media extensions - SumoMe

I love it for the beautiful icon set and dead-easy configuration. Sumome makes the configuration become visual and fun with an intuitive admin interface. You can select the position of the buttons just by selecting the areas you want. You can choose the selected services, edit the mobile setting with only clicks or drag-n-drop.

Please notice: Due to the new restriction of the Twitter API, Sumome does not show the statistic of Twitter share.

Display your social profiles

If you know a bit about coding, you can add the Facebook page plugin code or Twitter widget code in the HTML of your page and then style it as you want.  But in case you don’t know much about coding, you should get help from these Joomla social media extensions.

Facebook display - Perfect Facebook Like Box Sidebar

For anyone wanting to present the Facebook like box in a professional way, go with Perfect Facebook Like Box Sidebar.

Free Joomla 3.5 social media extensions - Perfect Facebook likebox sidebar

It seems to be one of the best free Joomla 3.5 extensions with huge& powerful features such as Box setting configuration, Google analytics tracker, Box theme and much more.

You have full control to present the Facebook like box as you want. Even when this Joomla social media extension has so many parameters, all are arranged in logical tabs and sections and you can start easily at the first time use.

Twitter display - SME Twitter Sidebar

Among many other free Joomla Twitter display extensions for Joomla 3.5, SME Twitter sidebar is the best one with super-simple module settings. It has less, but enough functions to make your Twitter box grab visitor’s attention.

Free Joomla 3.5 social media extensions - SME Twitter Sidebar

All the module parameters are listed in a single interface, and you only need to click to choose the theme and define the box size.

Add comments using social account – Disqus comments

Disqus service is very popular nowadays. Using Disqus comments, you can make sure that customers can comment with ease.

Free Joomla 3.5 social media extensions - Disqus

The backend setting is very simple with few options to get you started.  You can select the language for Disqus interface, select categories or menu items to render the plugin or enable comments counter/anchor link.


Now is the time of social media marketing. Five handy Joomla social media extensions above sure can connect your site with social media channels better than any other extensions.

Feel free to share this article with your friends if you think it’s useful. Just click on the social icons floating on the left and then the article is ready to be shared :D 

Do you have any secret social media weapon? Share with us by commenting below.

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