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5 Joomla 3.x extensions to present web content visually

5 Joomla 3.x extensions to  present web content visually

For an attractive website, we all know that it needs to have visual content on a website but the big question is how to present the content more visually, easily and quickly.

Not all of us are designers or developers, right? Thank other Joomla developers, they have built many useful Joomla extensions to help us with this job.

In this article, I will share with you some awesome Joomla 3.x extensions which make your web content more impressive and more interactive. You don’t have to write any code at all. Here we go.

1. JSN EasySlider - Present your content in vibrant sliders

Price: Free + Pro Editions from $59 - $69

Do you want to present a 3D feeling slider?

Or do you want to present the full-width video to grab the customer’s attention?

JSN EasySlider is your greatest solution. This Joomla layer slider extension can synthesize dynamic content such as text, video, images, and buttons into a slider and give them smooth transitions to present in your website.

You can manage the animation of each item in an intuitive admin panel.

Demo JSN EasySlider

JSN EasySlider is a must-have extension for any Joomla user, exclusively for designers who don’t have coding knowledge.  It is extremely easy to use so you can build the first slider effortless within minutes. No more worries about present your creativity. JSN EasySlider is here to make the slider of your dreams become a reality.


2. Beautiful CK - Make your content module more attractive

Price: FREE

Beautiful CK is a totally FREE extension that helps you to decorate website modules with ease.  You can change the colour of the module, edit the text style, make the corners rounded, or add a badge for your module.

All the parameters are well arranged in the backend and you only need to click to choose or input the value as you want. 

Demo Beautiful CK

This extension is perfect for Joomla newbies who know nothing about CSS. And it also can save a lot of time for Joomla developers on module customization.

Besides, to manage your module customization effectively and easily, you can try JSN Page Builder 3. With drag & drop mechanic, you can craft any page or custom module within a short time but still ensure the highest quality. 

Back to Beautiful CK, just minutes and you will have eye-catching modules in your websites. Give it a try right now.

Download Beautiful CK

3. RAXO All-mode PRO - Display articles in a fantastic way

Price:  From $24.95 - $74.95

If you are looking for a Joomla extension to display your articles in a striking way, Raxo All-mode PRO is highly recommended.

This Joomla extension can present your Joomla news or articles in various ways: article list, grid layout, Pinterest – like designs or any layout that you dream of.

The admin panel is very clear and intuitive with 4 built-in templates which you can apply to your website quickly in seconds.

Demo Raxo All-mode PRO

RAXO All-mode PRO is suitable for any Joomla site: from a small business with some blogs up to a big news portal.  You’ll discover how easy it is to bring your news into focus and make your articles more engaging.

Download RAXO All-mode Pro

4. Responsive Scroll Triggered Box for Joomla! - Get the customer focus on your content

Price: from €29 - €59

Responsive Scroll Triggered Box for Joomla! is really a useful tool to show your content as a popup, based on customer behaviour. 

You have full control of the content as well as the style and the transitions of the popup. You can display your subscription form in an effective way or keep your visitors on a page by showing a popup with a discount before they leave.

All can be configured quickly from the backend.Demo Responsive Scroll Triggered Box If you are seriously interested in improving your website users’ experience, you should use this Joomla extension.  Reaching the customer at the right time helps you to increase engagement and boost your sales better than ever.

Download Responsive Scroll Triggered Box

5. aikon Awesome Compare - Visualize the changes of images

Price: €19- $59

aikon Awesome compare brings a totally brilliant way to display differences between 2 images.

Instead of putting 2 images side by side, this powerful Joomla extension can help us focus easily on each detail by visualizing it. 

It doesn’t only highlight the differences with a big visual impact but also makes your presentation more engaging; visitors can click and move the cursor to compare the images in detail by themselves.Demo aikon AwesomeAikon Awesome Compare is perfectly suited to any website that wants to show the “before” and “after” pictures.  The setting parameters are very simple to follow, even from the first use.

Download aikon Awesome Compare

Hey, I’ve just finished my list. What do you think about these Joomla extensions? Do you have another amazing extension to enhance visual content?

Please share your experiences in the comment box below. I will appreciate it very much.


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