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[Updated] A quick look at the campaign “Support Joomla! Privacy Tool Suite”


Do you know that Joomla! Team is calling for help to test the Privacy Tool Suite - the big improvement of the next version 3.9 of Joomla? Our campaign at this team is to give support Joomla! team to accomplish that tool suite.

For more information about The Privacy Tool Suite, please read it here.

As a response to the GDPR and other privacy laws and regulations, the Privacy Tool Suite will be a superb help to make your sites more legal and trustworthy.

We acknowledge that it is not easy for the team to develop an effective set of privacy tools. For that reason, JoomlaShine would like to donate 5% of the total revenue of this sale-off campaign to Joomla! Team as a support. All the fund will be transferred via Joomla! sponsor page.

Indeed, we used to run a similar campaign to support Joomla! Community and it brought so many good results that we are so proud of.

And... After running the campaign "Support Joomla! Privacy Tool Suite" in 3 days, we are so excited to announce the result - the total money to donate Joomla! community:

We do hope the Privacy Tool Suite will bring lots of benefit to your Joomla websites. Let’s join with us to support Joomla! Privacy Tool Suite as a good improvement for the next coming Joomla! 3.9. Hurry up! This chance only lasts till July 13, 2018.

You are not alone, Joomla! team. We hear your calling!

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