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[New release] CityGuide - Ideal Joomla template for travel and tourism


If you are looking for an elegant design with business theme Joomla template, JSN Mini 2 could be an ideal choice for you.

However, JSN Mini 2 now comes with a specific design that will make any tourism and travel business have to consider: CityGuide, the name says it all about its function. It can be a perfect tool for your tourism project, make your website an indispensable for any travel-lover. All of it can be achieved thanks to JomDirectory extension.

Let's take a quick look at the features of JSN Mini 2 and CityGuide niche

Template Overview

  • Work perfectly with 3rd party extension: JomDirectory
  • Compatible with any Joomla 3.x version
  • A niche template specifically for tourism business: CityGuide.
  • Five pre-built pages: Quick Tour, About, Contact, Coming Soon, 404 Error.
  • Include all free JSN Extensions: JSN PageBuilder 3, JSN ImageShow, JSN UniForm and JSN PowerAdmin 2.
  • Multiple Colors to choose from.
  • Flexible menu variations: Mega Menu, Side Menu and Tree Menu.

Work perfectly with JomDirectory

CityGuide will be the first template to mark the partnership between JoomlaShine and JomDirectory - a product of Comdev.

Thanks to JomDirectory, CityGuide is equipped with smart search filter function along with a nice, logical display layout.

But that is not the end of it, you could see more features that come along with this template. For example:

Destination detail combine with a star rating

Live map search

Not to mention with the user-friendly backend admin, SEO optimized features, etc. Just try, and you will see how it going to benefit your site.

View JomDirectory demo

Purity Niche for a quick start

Beside from CityGuide, if you want a swift start with all the component that really matter, disposal all of Joomla demo article, you will have Purity for it.

Five Pre-built Pages

The template gives you four beautiful page samples for start. In addition to the five featured pages Quick Tour, About, Contact, Coming Soon, 404 Error. All the pre-built pages is created by JSN PageBuilder 3.

Powerful Extensions

Behind each wonderful Joomla template, we cannot forget dynamic extensions and plugins. So does JSN Mini 2 with the following extensions:

Multiple Colors

JSN Mini 2 comes with 06 major color variations for you to choose from, there are: Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink and Cyan theme.


JSN Mini 2 has already established in the mind of any JoomlaShine lover an elegant business template. With the latest update of CityGuide, a template for travel and tourism, JSN Mini 2 will again to be many Joomla users favorite.

Try JSN Mini 2 and CityGuide for FREE!

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