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How to make your Joomla landing page perfect with JSN PageBuilder 4


Landing pages play an indispensable part for a website as well as for the Marketing activities since it is the first interaction between your website and visitors.

Converting visitors into leads is the first step in creating a healthy relationship between your company and potential customers. It indicates a huge potential in expanding your business and reaching up to more customers if you have a powerful and effective landing page. The benefit of landing pages don’t just stop there, an effective landing page also helps you in building and increasing brand awareness, customer's trust with cost-effective approaches.

Landing pages are the heart and the soul of an inbound marketer's efforts. It shows that a business doesn't use landing pages not because their marketing department doesn't know how to set them up, but because they are too overloaded. 

Fortunately, you can now easily create a landing page with a thousand of CMS page builders and JSN PageBuilder 4 should be your best choice. Owning more than 30 features and fully supporting SEO as well as Google Analytics, JSN PageBuilder 4 will help you create a powerful Joomla landing page in a blink of an eye. 

Therefore, there aren't any reasons you should delay building a Joomla landing page with JSN PageBuilder 4. 

And to support you, this article will guide you in the details of how to utilise the elements and features of JSN PageBuilder 4 to have a beautiful landing page. 

So let's get started. 

What is the landing page and the criterias for a landing page? 

Landing Page, sometimes named as "ander" or "destination page", is a single web page that appears in response to the clicking of users from search results or an online advertising. The landers can also help marketers capture the visitor's information through a lead-capture form (or a conversation form).

A good landing page should target particular visitors such as traffic from an email marketing campaign promoting your products, or audiences who click on online advertising or promotion banners on the homepage of your website. Your landing pages can introduce your products or services, allow visitors to download free content offers such as e-books, guidelines, or redeem other marketing offers such as a free trial or product demo. By providing these products or service information, marketers can get a higher percentage of conversion rate (from visitors to leads), while also capturing information about visitors including who they are and what they have converted on. 

You may wonder what factors are important for an efficiency landing page. Let me tell you some key components:

  • Headline: the first thing your potential customers will likely see when they land on your landing page. Thus, it should sum up the product/ service information or offer as clearly and concisely as possible and should specify what value visitors can receive if they convert into leads.
  • Content: the text should provide information about products/services or the value of offering simply and clearly. You can use a blue point, infographic style to keep your information brief and succinct. 
  • Keywords: plays an important role in optimizing search engines that can help your landing pages reach visitors easily. It should be included in the page title, headers and context on the landing page. 
  • Image: the images on the landing page will give visitors a tangible idea of what they will receive, what they can experience. Otherwise, images will make your landing page much more visually appealing. 
  • CTA: a must have in your landing page. The CTA button will increase the conversion rate for your website.

How does the landing page work?

Understanding the operation principle of landing pages will help inbound marketers in optimizing the advantages and efficiency of landing pages. Basically, the main duty of a landing page is converting visitors into leads through a call-to-action (CTA). 

For example, when your visitors get in touch with your website through Google search, the landing page will play as a representative that provides information and details about your products or services such as what they will get out of free, contacting information on the conversion form in order to take advantage of the offer. And after submitting this form, the visitor is now a viable lead for your business with whom you can easily follow up.

On the other hand, Google is not the only pathway visitors can travel to your website. Besides search, visitors can jump to your website through a number of marketing channels such as email, social media, direct traffic or referral traffic. So that the key, as a marketer, is to build a landing page in the first place, and make it easy and convenient for your potential customers to reach them in your various marketing channels. 

It is very easy now to build an effective landing page since it has thousands of tools to help you to do it. And JSN PageBuilder 4 should be the best choice among them. If you want to know how JSN PageBuilder 4 can help you to build a powerful landing page in an efficient way, you can jump to the next part now. 

What can you do with JSN PageBuilder 4 to a beautiful and powerful Joomla landing page? 

JSN PageBuilder 4 gives you the freedom and fully powerful elements to design and generate your landing page and keep up with the trend. Come with more than 30 powerful elements and features with simple drag and drop manipulation, you can build any desired Joomla landing page with your previous design. In case you don't have a design yet, JSN PageBuilder 4 provides a library of pre-designed templates from where you can drag and drop and design your Joomla landing page instantly. It's so amazing, right?

The below sections are a quick guideline on what to edit and what elements will help you to achieve a beautiful and powerful landing page that's going to impress your visitors and can convert them into your leads. 

Diversity pre-designed page templates 

JSN PageBuilder 4 gives you more than 100 pre-designed page templates with different types of page in diverse industries. These page templates can meet all your requirements from design to function of your desired landing page. All you need to do is customize content and image as your need to quickly develop and then can see a completed landing page. This is the most quickly and convenient pathway to generate a landing page if you do not have enough time and effort on your hands. 

Present the text more attractively

As I mentioned above, headline and content play an important role in a successful landing page. With JSN PageBuilder 4, you cannot add text only, but also make it more specific and more attractive. You can easily add heading, paragraph section, choose the font type among thousands of Google font types in JSN PageBuilder 4. Otherwise, if you have a specific font type, you can easily add it to JSN PageBuilder 4 to use. You can also customise text alignment, size and add as much text block as you want. Try to make your headline sums up the content of your landing page and make the received value clear.  

Add not only image but also slideshow and video 

A great way to convey your key message quickly and efficiently is using an image or video since sometimes, an image can speak louder than words. Beside adding image and video, you can easily create a slideshow with text or without text which can help you enriched the design of your landing page. With an advanced media manager, you can upload and insert your image and video easier than ever.

Easily and convenient contact form

Contact form is an advanced element that can help you get the information of customers in a polite and efficient way. You can easily have a contact form as you want by dragging and dropping the Contact Form element in JSN PageBuilder 4 editor.


Tracking feature support and SEO optimisation   

Linking your landing page with tracking features like Google Analytics is the best way for you to check the effectiveness of landing pages. JSN PageBuilder 4 fully supports Google Analytics with ease to use and understand. You can now easily integrate your landing page with your Google Analytics, check and control the performance of Joomla landing pages. If you want to know more about how to use the Google Analytics element in JSN PageBuilder 4, you can refer to this documentation.   

Custom HTML and CSS code for an interesting landing page

Another cool way to perfect your landing page is to custom HTML or CSS code that will make your Joomla landing page more beautiful and unique. JSN PageBuilder 4 has a function to add custom HTML and CSS code which you can embed content or elements. The custom HTML or CSS code gives you the ability to advance your design or elements to better meet your needs.

Add buttons and CTAs

Buttons or CTAs are an important element and must-have in your landing page. This is a smart way to link an extra important page and guide visitors to the page you want. A button or CTA is an effective way to increase the conversion rate, so that the number of visitors is converted to leads will increase as well. With JSN PageBuilder 4, you can easily add buttons with some pre-designed style and customise the dimensions, alignment and so on as you want.

Wrap Up 

This is just some information and a quick overview of what you can do with JSN PageBuilder 4 to make your landing page beauty and perfection. There are, of course, a huge number of other elements and features available that you can use to build a modern, attractive and interactive Joomla landing page. Do not forget to subscribe and keep an eye on our blog to stay up with the latest news and information. 

Wish you have a good day!



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