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How to upgrade JoomlaShine Templates from FREE to Trial and PRO


If you are using JoomlaShine template Free/Trial edition, and decide you love it and want to upgrade to the Pro edition, here you can learn how to do it quickly. I will use the JSN Dome 2 template as an example (the process of upgrading other JSN templates is the same).

Upgrade from Free to PRO Trial edition

In Free edition, there are some limited features and support compared to Pro edition:

  • Comprehensive styling
  • Powerful Mega Menu
  • Efficient assets compression
  • Extras utilities:
    • Cookie Law
    • Commenting
    • Social Share
  • Extra menu item options:
    • Link icon
    • Link description
  • Extra articles options:
    • Featured image
    • Content-type
  • Unlimited template styles
  • No brand link at front-end
  • 6-12 months technical support

If you want to check for sure what you will archive in the Pro edition, you can upgrade to Trial edition first, we offer 15 days for you to try the Pro edition.

Please go to the Administrator > Extensions > Template Manager - JSN Dome 2

Click "Try Pro" at the bottom of the page to start the process.

Upgrade template | Try JSN Dome

Upgrade template

Upgrade template

Purchase JSN Dome 2 Pro

After you see what you can archive in Pro edition and you want to upgrade to Pro edition, we include the purchase option in the template manager to easily reach the template page:

From TRIAL to PRO edition

Upgrade template

From FREE to PRO edition

Upgrade template

Or you can purchase JSN Dome 2 Pro right here in JSN Dome 2 details page.

Just choose the edition you want to buy, then click “BUY NOW” button and follow the required steps. 

Upgrade template

Upgrade from FREE/TRIAL to PRO edition

After you purchased JSN Dome 2 Pro edition, the upgrade process will begin automatically. Please take a look at the right top menu and go to Settings - User Account to refresh license

Upgrade template

Upgrade template

If you verified JSN Dome Free edition under an account that you don't use to purchase the Pro edition, please switch to the right one.

Upgrade template

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I hope that you will be successful in upgrading. If you have any questions about this process, please leave your comments or contact us here

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