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JoomlaDay Italy 2018: A quick recap for Joomla! Community


JoomlaDay Italy has been organized in such a gorgeous and elegant city - Turin in Italy. The event lasted for only one day (27 October 2018) with so many interesting topics from our beloved Joomla! lovers and experts.

Once again in this year, we are proud to be a Silver sponsor for this event of Italian Joomla lovers (followed by JoomlaDay Brazil 2018). We must say a sincere thank to Mr. Luca Marzo, Secretary of Joomla, an enthusiastic representative of the organization team who has supported us a lot to complete the sponsorship and promote our brand throughout the JoomlaDay event.

During the event, there were 13 sessions with topics going from Joomla! to SEO, from social media to marketing; and 5 workshops. In case you didn't have a chance to attend the event, then don't worry because here is the short recap of the main topics:

  • The Status of Joomla!
  • Joomla! Privacy Tools Suite: How it was made and what tools are available to manage the privacy of Joomla sites
  • Contributing to Joomla as a non-dev: You do not need to be a developer to contribute to the Joomla! Project.
  • Management Software in Joomla 4: Use the core of the next version of Joomla as a basis for building high-performance management software
  • Improve Joomla's performance with a case study: get a performing Joomla site using free tools.
  • SEO Workshop for Joomla: know about SEO, how to apply them on a site so that it is visible and positioned on the main search engines.
  • A privileged position for webmasters
  • Social Selling: The value of the relationship in sales!: Using social networks can be a growth driver for your business.
  • A new beginning of Joomla 4: the functions, the performances, the workflows, the user experience, and the new present and future technological solutions of Joomla 4
  • AcyMailing 6 World Preview
  • How to get the right contract for you
  • Getting started with Joomla Extensions Development
  • How to manage company emails in the GDPR era
  • Tree and Joomla menu: between SEO and SEA
  • 10 frequent errors in Joomla e-commerce to avoid
  • Facebook and the advantage of videos
  • Workshop: What is really Social Selling
  • Contest: Best Joomla Site of Italy

… and many other insightful and inspirational stories. To find more information, please follow their Fanpage and their website

Another story! The promotion campaign named “Happy JoomlaDay Italy 2018” is our online event with the aims of raising funds to support the organization team. All the templates, extensions and packages were discounted 25% to attract our customers; then we spent €800 of the total revenue to sponsor the event.

Final words

What will we do to support Joomla! community and join hands to develop next Joomla! generations? Let's follow our website to receive good deals and gifts. Thank you.

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