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Introducing JSN Marriage - Delicate Joomla Wedding Template

Introducing JSN Marriage - Delicate Joomla Wedding Template

Each month we introduce different template to give you more diverse website building options. After days of research, design and development, we bring you JSN Marriage - a remarkable Joomla template for those who are working in wedding photography studios.

With stylish designs and responsive layouts, along with the powerful Joomla gallery - FW Gallery, K2 extension, JSN Marriage brings advanced features that will help you create an awesome wedding studio site.

JSN Marriage Features and Functionalities.

JSN Marriage is a cutting-edge, creative and flexible Joomla template for any wedding studio. It has full of trendy features and useful functionalities your website needs.

  • Elegant design
  • Attractive responsive design
  • Dynamic Drag & Drop layout builder
  • Compatible with any Joomla 3.x version
  • Saving time with multi-variant built-in pages
  • Include all powerful JSN Extensions: JSN PageBuilder 3, JSN Uniform, JSN PowerAdmin 2.
  • 5 main colour variations: Cyan, Pink, Green, Red and Blue.
  • Flexible menu variations: Mega Menu, Off-canvas menu, Side menu and Tree menu.
  • Create your own responsive Photo Gallery with FW Gallery - gallery for Joomla! Optimized image load
  • Create interesting blog layout with K2 extension

Impress by a modern and elegant design

JSN Marriage comes with dreamlike colours and impressive layout to showcase studios attractively.

Portfolio Ready with FW Gallery

Being powered by FW Gallery, JSN Marriage offers image showcase functionality. The segment projects are divided into different categories and presented excellently. This template gives you the options to select library information, unlimited levels of galleries to build the image folders, and responsive layouts to bring a great experience.


More time-saving with Pre-built pages

With a range of built-in pages, you can use to launch your site in the least possible time.

  • Homepage: show your outstanding services, projects, pricing and so on.
  • About: Have studio description, team members. 
  • Contact: Let the interested visitors contact the studio via the phone number, maps, contact form, and physical address shown on the page.
  • RSVP: Répondez s'il vous plaît - "Please respond" to request an invitation confirmation.
  • Coming soon, 404: essential pages websites need.

… and other best features from JoomlaShine extension

The latest version of JSN Extensions: Powerful drag-n-drop Builder of JSN PageBuilder, JSN Sun Framework, JSN PowerAdmin 2 are optimized for the excellent experience.


JSN Uniform: Quick and convenient Contact form creation and editing.

In addition, we have another niche: PhotoStudio - Joomla studio template.

Besides, we have JSN PhotoStudio - a Joomla studio template. JSN PhotoStudio will help you show your project stories or gallery and your customers can refer, interact and contact.


If you are looking for a full-fledged Joomla template that can recommend your studio appealing to visitors - JSN Marriage is definitely the template you should choose. With the combination of the powerful JSN Extensions, FW Gallery and K2, it brings you everything you ever need for your studio website.

Try it now to experience what this considerable combination can do.

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