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JSN PageBuilder 4 coming soon on 20 April 2020 - A Complete Overview of the next generation Joomla! page builder.


JSN PageBuilder 4 Overview

Following the success of JSN PageBuilder 3- which is trusted by over 600,000 Joomla users in the world, today we want to inform you about the next amazing generation of this Joomla! Page builder tool called JSN PageBuilder 4.

JSN PageBuilder 4 is an extremely complete page builder tool for Joomla which is inherited all highlighted features from JSN PageBuilder 3- one of the best Joomla! Page builder extensions so far. Moreover, we have made the next generation going further with huge improvements and innovations for its features as well as functions. 

Just wait for the second... 20 April 2020 will be the official release day of JSN PageBuilder 4 so hopefully, you have marked your calendar!


Now, let’s explore the distinctive features of JSN PageBuilder 4 in the next part of this blog post.

Why JSN PageBuilder 4 is your must-have Joomla extension 

UI/UX improvements

We have integrated our innovations with user-feedback from JSN Pagebuilder 3 to create our new powerful Joomla! website builder tool. And the result is really awesome, JSN PageBulder 4 comes with the new level of both UI and UX.

The user interface is now more stunning and user friendly. With the organized element panel and the smart search, users now can easily find their needs and control their pages. 

The big improvement in drag & drop system has made the building process smoother and easier for users even it is the first time they work with JSN Pagebuilder 4.

The Joomla WYSIWYG editor and the super-fast workflow have been improved a lot to give users more pleasant when using the product. Joomla friendly WYSIWYG editor

More flexibility to create a complex structure and layout

Powerful Joomla element library

JSN Pagebuilder 4 offers more than 30 powerful elements including both most commonly used and special elements which support users in building their websites in the most flexible way. Moreover, each element of JSN PageBuilder 4 comes with different variations that will give users more choices and save their time & effort. Powerful elements panel

Ready-to-use section designs

If you are the beginners and not sure how to build the layout, our collection of ready-to-use sections is where you can get support. Easily drag & drop the pre-built section to your page and customized single element as your need, now they might come in handy to save your time and effort to build any kind of website with PageBuilder 4. 

Import-export feature

This new generation page builder is also fully equipped with the import-export layout - which is rated as one of the most significant features of PageBuilder 3. This feature let you use the previous layout that you had created for a new page in the quickest way.

Copy, paste, duplicate or delete any elements

With JSN PageBuilder 4 capabilities, you can quickly recreate your previous part by duplicating the existing rows or columns or delete them in one click. 

For the similar designs, it also allows you to copy and paste your styling for new elements in a second instead of manually editing. 

100% responsive to any types of devices

The automatic resized mechanism of JSN PageBuilder 4 makes the page layout display perfectly on any device from mobile, laptop to tablet or desktop.

Even your visitors are using the quite old version of mobile such as iPhone 4, no worry. JSN PageBuilder 4 supports mobile-optimized that makes your page layout and content present nicely on all mobile devices without any coding or configuration.

Specially, you will able to customize the layout and elements, even hiding them in a specific device without having an effect on others. 

Support 3rd party Joomla extensions

Besides working perfectly with Joomla articles and Joomla custom modules, JSN PageBuilder 4 also allows your pages to display content from other third parties such as K2 or EasyBlog. You can use this tool as an effective content builder in Joomla by inserting content from other third parties to Joomla articles or custom modules.

Professional package choices

We fully understand that many users have trouble when looking for a functional product with rich-feature and a tight budget. Therefore, we want to introduce our new JSN PageBuilder 4 packages which are reasonably priced that can help users optimize their websites with a single tool and save their money.

Especially, instead of 30 days trial package, the FREE edition of JSN PageBuilder 4 package is coming with unlimited features will give you the real experience of the product before making a buying decision.

The JSN PageBuilder 4 packages will be published on the releasing day of JSN PageBuilder 4 at on 20 April 2020. 

Supported documentation

Understanding the difficulty that users might have when using a new product, our team has spent our time to produce a series of documentation and tutorials to help you start your pages with JSN PageBuilder 4 in the easiest way. JSN PageBuilder 4 Getting Started seriesAs some of our PageBuilder 3 customers found text document is really hard to follow, we have worked on our PageBuilder 4 video tutorials to help users get support in the most effective way.

Finally, there are many more features for JSN Pagebuilder 4 that can impress you so please stay in touch with our blog.

Please keep in mind that...

There is an important note for JSN Pagebuilder 3 users that you won't be able to migrate from JSN PageBuilder 3 to JSN PageBuilder 4. However, don’t worry because we will continue to support you with JSN PageBuilder 3 as usual.  

Our final message

Currently, we are providing the Demo version of PageBuilder 4 to give users a chance to try our new product before the official releasing day. 


If you need some support, please check our Youtube channel for a quick tutorial video of JSN PageBuilder 4 or check our JSN PageBuilder 4 Documentation here.  

Finally, please save the date to see our new amazing page builder tool coming on 20 April 2020!

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