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Introducing JSN PageBuilder 4 - The most powerful Joomla Page Builder


Today we are happy to announce that JSN PageBuilder 4 - the next generation of Joomla Page Builder is finally here.

“Develop a product that brings less pain to users”

The motto of our CEO is embedded in this product. From the 1st version 6 years ago, we created JSN PageBuilder to help Joomla users create beautiful and complex Joomla pages with ease.

The 4th generation of JSN PageBuilder is no exception. It has lots of improvements but not abandons the outstanding features of the previous version.

Focus on flexibility

Distinguishing from all other Joomla page builders in the market, JSN PageBuilder 4 is not bound to any pre-built element. Giving you all the necessary tools to develop any type of page and design.

  • Modern visual composer
  • 30+ powerful elements.
  • Work perfectly as a Joomla editor
  • Advanced Responsive Controls
  • Ability to add custom CSS/JS code
  • 3rd party integrations: K2, Falang.
  • Revision History
  • AutoSave, Redo & Undo
  • Powerful Tracking Feature

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With many improvements.


With the aim to help anyone from newcomers to veteran users, marketers to web developers can easily use this extension, we brought much effort to improve the user interface of this extension.

Not just make a better graphic to please your eyes, we think about how to speed up or make it easier to understand each and every task you make with our extension.

New improved UI/UX of JSN PageBuilder 4

Theme Styling - Design on the flow

In the previous version, to test your build, you have to go back-and-forth between the editor screen and the frontend. It causes a lot of inconveniences and slows down your working time significantly.

Therefore, knowing your pain, Theme Styling is developed to solve this problem. When turning it on, it applies the current design style from both JSN PageBuilder 4 and your template to your current editor screen. Make you see your built pages as they are in the front-end.

Besides 2 major improvements, we also refactor/ rebuild the extension from the core to enhance the performance of JSN PageBuilder 4 significantly.

Plan and pricing

With JSN PageBuilder 4, we apply a totally different pricing plan that we believe it’s the bring you the most benefit when comparing with others on the market. Pricing plan

Support - Documentation - Guide

To shorten your learning process, and increase your experience with this Joomla page builder, we have prepared a full set of guidelines with details and helpful instructions:

Or feel free to ask us any questions at our forum support.

Let’s create a beautiful Joomla page with JSN Page Builder 4!

“A picture is worth a thousand words"

To understand the value of an extension, there is nothing better than to try it yourself. You can download and try ALL features of JSN PageBuilder 4 with our free plan now!

If you are a developer, JSN PageBuilder 4 is an opportunity to help you win more customers. If you are a marketer, you have another means to create a beautiful landing page for your marketing campaign. We believe every Joomla user could benefit from using JSN PageBuilder 4.

Moreover, to celebrate the launch, we offer a 25% discount for any JSN PageBuilder 4 plan.

Why worth the wait, let’s try JSN PageBuilder 4 now.

Download and Try for Free

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