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Joomla Black Friday & Cyber Monday Landing Page: How To Boost Sales Effectively


Black Friday is one of the most important shopping days of the year. If you’re an e-commerce business or a retail store, you should prepare your platform for the crazy shopping season to come.

One of the most effective ways to increase your traffic and boost sales is through landing pages.
However, not all merchants have the ability nor knowledge to build an effective landing page for their business. And this article is the solution for that matter. You will find out how to design and build an effective Joomla landing page using a helpful tool from JoomlaShine for your preferences.

Why is it crucial to build a landing page?

Having a landing page will reward your business with brand awareness, traffic driven and stocks clearance tools and of course, sales boost during the end-of-year shopping season.

Though, the functions that make landing pages unique from any other web pages are specified below:

To focus on a specific goal

The main reason why you create a landing page for any campaign is to announce your deal, call-to-action, or message. In this case, you want to use your landing page to announce your upcoming sales.

Therefore, the landing page should focus on one targeted audience type.

To simplify your customers' decision making process

Adding a good landing page to the website will help your customer to redirect to the sales page within seconds. Without the landing page, your customers might be cramped with all the information and sections surrounding, and distracted by those then fail to select your desired action.

To increase conversion rate

With a well-organized campaign and appealing content, the landing page is the ultimate tool to boost conversion rate.

To track data and insight

Landing pages can also be used as a tool to monitor the progress and effectiveness of a campaign. Monitoring the conversion rate and incoming leads help you and your campaign to approach the right target audience and achieve the preset goals.

Designing and building a proper Joomla Black Friday & Cyber Monday landing page

Black Friday comes once every year, this day is the official start of the Christmas shopping season, you can seize an immense amount of earnings by dropping the cost of your products in your inventory.

By designing a devoted Black Friday landing page, you can increase your conversion rate, convert your visitors into your customers and upturn your revenue.

In our experiences, we want to share a few things to help you build an effective landing page for your business.

A simple and clear message will come a long way

When a visitor lands on your page, the first thing that draws his/her attention is the headline. You need to make sure that your headline is clear and subtly showing the reason behind your landing page.

Some of the most popular and useful headlines you can use are BLACK FRIDAY SALES or BLACK FRIDAY DEADLY DEALS.

Some folks approach with different methods, instead of big and bold headlines, they emphasize on the discount number, such as SALES UP TO 80%, ...

Keeping the UX design straightforward

A simple and easy to navigate landing page will deliver a stress-free online buying experience. Keeping the number of items displayed on your landing page to a minimum will increase the chances that your visitors will notice your selling point and make the final decision to purchase your products.

If you have trouble building your Joomla landing page for Black Friday, our JSN PageBuilder 4 is an effective Joomla page builder tool to start building your own landing page in the most simple way.


I don't need to say in detail about CTAs since it is a must-have for every website out there. Though, I want to remind you that creating your CTAs should follow these main criterias:

  • Easy-to-access.
  • Straightforward, easy to understand message.
  • Carefully choose the destination of your CTAs since fewer steps between your visitors and their final destination, the more likely you are to convert them into leads.

Tracking the effectiveness of your landing page

Launching a campaign using landing pages like Black Friday & Cyber Monday events, you want to know the effectiveness of your work, what goes well and what’s not. Now, there’re many tools that you can track your traffic through your CTAs, such as Google Analytics (G.A), Bitly, Piwik, Facebook Pixel, Crazy Eggs,... but G.A is the most popular one. In the scope of this blog, I would like to show you how to track your landing page using G.A.

If you're unfamiliar with G.A, we have a detailed blog guiding you through the installation process of G.A in Joomla and a tutorial to help you increase your traffic to your Joomla site.

With our JSN Page Builder 4, tracking your Black Friday landing page using Google Analytics has never been more simple than ever.

Loading time is crucial

According to Nielsen Norman Group research, you only have 10 seconds to gain your user attention and to convert them to leads. A slow loading page will affect negatively to your traffic, conversion rate and so on.

To find out more on how you can speed up your website with Joomla, we have a detailed blog discussing this subject.

Adding a countdown block

Including a countdown block to your Joomla landing page to let your visitors aware of your Black Friday sales and to create a sense of urgency around the specific date.

Also, here's a little tip for you guys. You can add a subscriber underneath your timer block for the customers to track your event and send reminder email so that they won’t miss it.

Creating a mobile-friendly layout

In the modern society, everybody’s using smartphones and tablets. It’s becoming more and more popular every minute. That’s why building a layout that fits with mobile devices is of the most importance.

Knowing that building a layout that’s compatible with mobile devices can be tricky sometimes, therefore, we have that in cover for you. By using JSN Page Builder 4, a mobile-friendly layout can be created within the shortest time.

Building a Joomla Black Friday & Cyber Monday landing page using JSN PageBuilder 4

We have covered things that we need to keep in mind when building a Joomla landing page. It is time to practice. In this section, you will be shown in reality how to build an effective landing page for your event. 


You can download the export file of this landing page and import it via JSN PageBuilder 4 import/export feature. 

Creating headline and discount messages

A simple Black Friday SALE logo and a big and bold "BLACK FRIDAY" headline to attract the visitors' attention.

"50% OFF" in yellow font colour to highlight the deal we’re gonna offer to our customers.

A simple and straightforward design

As you can see in the landing page above, the design is quite simple with the main colour of black and yellow. All the blocks of content are easy to view and navigate.

Putting Call-to-actions button in reasonable places

Tracking your CTAs

 Tracking is very important for every event, especially on sale events. JSN PageBuilder 4 has got you covered. Just by some steps you can track your CTAs. In JSN Page Builder 4, at the tracking section, you can choose to track your CTAs by Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel.

[Bonus Tip ] Adding a testimonial section

Building a section showing your customers' experience when using your products will increase your brand credibility and attract more potential customers.

A countdown block to your Joomla landing page

A tip to push your visitors to take action you expected them to do.

Mobile-friendly layout

JSN PageBuilder 4 supports you to check your landing page on all the devices during the developing process of the landing page.

To sum up

I hope you can practice all the things mentioned in this blog to build a nice & effective Joomla landing for your sale events, especially upcoming Black Friday & Cyber Monday events, even Christmas.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or leave your comment in this post. We will help you in our best.

It's time to give JSN PageBuilder 4 a try.


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