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Joomla! Deal - JoomlaShine 2017 wrap up and New Year welcoming campaign


The 2017 is a special year for JoomlaShine with a lot of remarkable events. There are many changes and movements have been made in our systems, products and website to improve efficiency and bring more value to JoomlaShine users.

The first milestone that need to be mentioned is the release of new official website Joomlashine.com. From June, 2017 to August, 2017, the process of website upgrade was conducted and the new official website showed up with modern UI/UX design and more features. The website was built with data driven method and JoomlaShine team is still working on tracking and analytics to optimize the website for better UX.

Another breakthrough for the 2017 is the third generation of JSN PageBuilder. After nearly one year for development, JoomlaShine started to provide an innovative Joomla! page builder to Joomla! communities. JSN PageBuilder 3 with revolutionary UI/UX design, rich content elements, and powerful features would be one of the best solution for Joomla! website builder.

As a popular Joomla! templates provider, both free and pro versions of JoomlaShine’s templates make the great contribution to Joomla! communities. At the end of August, 2017, the recovery of free JSN templates and the releases of new generation templates bring significant value to JoomlaShine customers with more products at higher quality. The efforts help JoomlaShine to have a good preparation year-end events and new year 2018.

In order to tribute JoomlaShine customer for their great support and welcome the New Year. JoomlaShine would like to announce the big promotion from December 27, 2017 to January 5, 2018, which is discount 40% on all JoomlaShine products. The campaign is not applicable to JoomlaShine product packages.

To know more about the promotion, click to the link below:   


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