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Joomla! Ebook - JoomlaShine publishes new edition of Joomla! 3.x Made Easy


Joomla! 3.x Made Easy fourth edition is free Ebook from JoomlaShine, the book is written for beginners who are starting with Joomla! CMS. The previous edition was published successfully in 2013 with the welcome from Joomla! communities, even from Joomla! users at intermediate level.

The fourth edition of Joomla! 3.x Made Easy has significant changes in comparison with the 2013’s edition. Firstly the new ebook focuses more on guiding users to create and improve content from Joomla! default, which is presented in Chapter 3: Creating Content For Your Joomla! Site and Chapter 4: Making Your Articles Look Good. Especially, chapter 4 is divided to 4 main sections, that helps users to find the appropriate sections easily. The four sections are Formatting Text, Inserting Images, Adding “Page Break” and “Read More”, and Adding Links.

The ebook also explains deeper for common Joomla! concepts like Joomla! Components, Joomla! Modules, Joomla! Plugins, and Joomla! Extensions. This part cover 4 chapters from chapter 5 to chapter 8, detailed guiding to use these functionality are included.

From chapter 9 to chapter 11, Joomla! 3.x Made Easy continues with higher level of usability, which are Joomla! websites customization, management for access, and other technical configurations.      

Some valuable extra information is also added in 4 Appendixes to help the ebook to cover almost knowledge about Joomla! CMS that is suitable for beginners. One important part that needs to be mentioned is the last Appendix: Simplifying Joomla! Management with JSN PowerAdmin. As you know about JoomlaShine with very famous JSN PowerAdmin, the free but powerful extension which helps Joomla! administrators to manage, edit, and configure Joomla! websites easier, it would be a perfect start if a beginner with Joomla! has a chance to get access to both Joomla! 3.x Made Easy and the extension.

The ebook Joomla! 3.x Made Easy and JSN PowerAdmin extension reveal the mission of JoomlaShine is to make Joomla! to become easier and accessible for website builders at any level. To download the ebook, click here.

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