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JoomlaDay Florida 2019 Recap: A hopeful look into the future


Event Recap

From 22nd to 24th, February, Joomla Day Florida 2019 was held in Tampa with many interesting and useful topics from top Joomla experts and enthusiasts.

Among those, we personally favor the “Joomla in Perspective Keynote” presentation of Joomla Vice President, Alexander Metzler. In which, he puts Joomla in many perspectives to remind us of the importance of Joomla and how Joomla can still advance through the years to come.

On this matter, we want to quote a part of his presentation which has inspired us to keep contributing our best to Joomla community:

“...Joomla, that means free access through our own platform. Joomla is free software to everyone, translated in around 75 languages. A free website for species protection in Europe, for knowledge exchange in Africa, a study guide in Asia and so on around the planet. From this perspective, Joomla is the program that improves the world.

That means, we all here because we are part of a big one that we should be proud of it.”

JoomlaShine not only sees Joomla from a business perspective but also from a community perspective, that we want to help Joomla become a better CMS that provide the solution for anyone in need.

To view the rest of this video or other useful topics in JoomlaDay Florida 2019 you can click this link. These are some topics that may interest you:

  • Joomla in perspective keynote
  • Homepage throwdown keynote
  • Joomla 4 Backend Horizon
  • Why do digital agencies need to know about privacy?
  • Marketing and branding from Monster movie to a domain
  • And many more.

JoomlaShine in JoomlaDay Florida 2019

This year, JoomlaShine is very proud to be the Silver Sponsor of this exciting event. Months ahead of the event, JoomlaShine launched “Happy JoomlaDay Florida 2019” campaign to help promote the event to JoomlaShine customers.

It’s also the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in JoomlaShine templates and extensions can experience them at fantastic price (20% discount). 10% of the revenue will be directly contributed to the Silver sponsor package. Besides running the campaign, JoomlaShine also coordinated with the organizers to prepare the best for the event in term of promoting through social media, making event materials (flyer, banner, video, etc) and giving away VIP tickets to our customers.

In summary,

JoomlaDay Florida 2019 was successfully organized as everyone has bought something with them home whether it was interesting news, useful knowledge or even a new friend.

In 2019, JoomlaShine continues to push more effort in helping Joomla community. Following this event is JoomlaDay France and JoomlaDay Austria.

Keep in touch with us for more exciting news!

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