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JoomlaShine’s plan in 2019: A year worth waiting for


January 2019 has almost passed by, JoomlaShine is now busy with many plans and intentions. All of those are going to focus on bringing the best quality products and experiences for JoomlaShine and Joomla users.

If you miss our year-end recap, this article will provide you more details about Joomlashine’s 2019 plan.

JoomlaShine templates

A template integrated with a partner extension per month.

JoomlaShine will regularly release a new template each month. However, the special about the new templates is that they will be integrated with one of our partners’ products. At present, there are 5 of our new templates have been following this part:

This combination not only promises a new experience on using JoomlaShine product but also brings a completed solution for building any Joomla website.

This year, we are going to implement a new way of researching a new template. We will base on the following criteria to pick up new ideas for the new one:

  • JoomlaShine users demand - feel free to tell us what you need.
  • Best partner in Joomla market
  • A specific solution for Joomla users

In January 2019, JoomlaShine has focused on bug fixing for all current themes and improving the releasing template mechanism. We hope it will bring the best possible value for upcoming new templates.

New improvement & compatible with Joomla 3.10.x & 4 versions

JoomlaShine is going to make sure that all current templates compatible with upcoming Joomla versions. Moreover the team will make the template support Bootstrap 4.0.

Besides,we are also making a plan to improve JoomlaShine templates on mobile devices, make them more mobile-friendly, optimize page speed on both mobile and desktop.

JoomlaShine Extensions

Not just focus on improving Joomlashine template, we also spend our resources on making JoomlaShine extensions better. In details:

  • Make all currents extensions compatible with upcoming Joomla versions, particularly here: 3.10.x & 4.x.x.
  • Improve performance and bring a lot of new features to JSN PageBuilder 3.
  • 25+ new page templates
  • Boost 200% performance

  • UX improvements


JoomlaShine Content

Besides improving JoomlaShine products, we are going to produce content on various topics such as:

  • Joomla/ Joomlashine news.
  • Joomla SEO topic.
  • Joomla Update topic (e.g: how to update from 2.5 to 3x).
  • Joomla niche website (e.g: how to build a Joomla eCommerce).
  • Review Joomla templates and extensions.
  • JoomlaShine products (tutorial, tips, guide, etc).
  • And many more..

On other hands, JoomlaShine is going to publish a free eBook about Joomla 4 and Joomla SEO The eBook aims for Joomla! Newbies who are starting to learn and explore Joomla 4 and want to optimize SEO for their Joomla website.

We are currently running a content survey program with the chance to get a big prize. We very appreciate if you want to contribute to our content improvement.

JoomlaShine Partnership programming

As mentioned earlier, this year, we will push up the partnership program to a new level with the motto: More Partners, more Value.

We are going to partner with at least 2 new Joomla Providers on various industries.

It’s also your chance to get a good price from JoomlaShine partners' products. The discount can be up to 30% for JoomlaShine PRO users.

Joomlashine Sponsor & giveaways

Every year, we always try to support Joomla community as much as we can. This year, we continue support Joomla! Team by being a sponsor for upcoming Joomla Day events.

On February, 2019, we are proud to be a Silver Sponsor of JoomlaDay Florida.

In summary,

2019 is definitely another busy year for us. With all the plans and upcoming activities, we hope it will bring JoomlaShine users better products and more amazing experiences.

Keep in touch with us for more update.

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