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JoomlaShine updates Sun Framework to prepare for Joomla! 4


Today, January 29, 2018, we are glad to announce the release of JSN Sun Framework version 2.1.0. The new Sun Framework is a big move of JoomlaShine to prepare for Joomla! 4 which will bring huge changes to Joomla! ecosystem including Joomla! Templates.

Sun Framework 2.1.0 will surprise you with new design for editing panel, which has smooth UI/UX and clean layout. The new color of back-end screen is similar to Joomla! 4 and Bootstrap 4. This change is the preparation of JoomlaShine to move to Joomla! 4, it begins with Sun Framework 2.1.0. Popups, buttons and banners on Sun Framework’s panel are also optimized to be more user-friendly.

After the release of new Sun Framework, there will be more differences between Free and PRO editions of JoomlaShine templates. The most significant distinctions are feature of responsive template will not be available for Free editions, and template elements can be edited only by PRO users.   

The improvement of Sun Framework results in the higher quality of JoomlaShine templates. In January 2018, JoomlaShine was glad to released successfully new versions of JSN Ferado 2, JSN Artista 2, JSN Fidem 2, and JSN Glass 2 with a lot of updates in designs and features. There will be more remarkable improvement in quality of JoomlaShine templates with much more new template versions that will be empowered by Sun Framework 2.1.0.

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