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Release: The First And Unique Movie Template of JoomlaShine - JSN Moviebox


If you are a big fan of JoomlaShine templates, you will notice one big change: JSN Moviebox is the first movie template ever since JoomlaShine first founded 10 years ago.

Not too soon or too late, JSN Moviebox is born out at the right time when movies and film series is the top searching on the internet. Summer is the perfect moment for film companies, movie bloggers and reviewers to showcase their talents and best works to attract more and more audience. As a result, the look of a website is necessary to be enhanced, beautified and even changed with a new style to surprise film lovers.

An overall description of JSN Moviebox

Not only bring a fresh design to your movie website, JSN Moviebox template has a neat layout organization that will conveniently navigate any visitor to your works.

About its design

  • The whole layout is designed as a full-width screen in order to give more room to display rich imagery.
  • 9 pre-built pages in total: 6 pages are directly made for film websites such as: About, Contact, Coming Soon, Hot Trailers, New Releases and Latest News. The rest 3 pages (Quick Tour, K2 and 404 Error) are optional choices to extend more styles and support other website functions.
  • Dark background - a very classic dominant color of movie templates - creates a similar atmosphere as in a real theatre.
  • 6 pre-picked main colors for detailed elements: Cyan, Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, and Orange.
  • JSN Moviebox focuses mainly on displaying videos and images; articles are just in a small part of the template.

What’s interesting in its features?

  • A fantastic banner built with JSN PageBuilder 3 with a title and a short description.
  • 3 menu variations (Tree Menu, Mega Menu, and Side Menu) for different purposes and visual experience.
  • 2 exclusive sample data of two dazzling demo sites: Moviebox and Filmhub.
  • Rich content elements to customize your movie site as ‘one of a kind’ (e.g, images with border and/or caption; paragraphs with a drop cap aligned or in blockquotes; list styles with/without bullets, etc.)
  • Work properly with Joomla 3.8+
  • Most modules and pages are created with one of the best Joomla page builder extensions: JSN PageBuilder 3.

PageBuilder 3 and K2 - a creative integration

We have JSN PageBuilder 3 for page creation and K2 extension to create articles with rating scores and comments, so what does Moviebox can make use of them?

Film audience visits your website to search for top popular movies, to know the filmmaking process, or to check whether they should spend money and time on a movie by reading its reviews and comments. Moreover, it would be boring if your site does not know to interact with its audience, so in this case, a comment section lying under each blog/video is a simple but good solution.

JSN team has taken this insight into account and chose K2 extension to empower blogging functions for Moviebox template.

Since K2 extension is easy to install with no expense, what is the outstanding point among movie websites, or in other words, how is your website different from other movie competitors when displaying articles and videos? Luckily, JSN PageBuilder 3 is a powerful Joomla extension that allows you to add any module to create a custom page.

In the case of Hot Trailer page, a module extracting K2 video items called K2 Action - New Releases is inserted under the video and its details. Well, such an interesting combination, isn’t it?

A quick view at Filmhub

Filmhub is the second demo site of JSN Moviebox template and it is mimicked as a real website for a filming service and production company. This site introduces all movies produced by Filmhub company, review blogs, their story, and services.

So what benefit can you get from this movie template? Can you believe you can build a similar look for your site within a day? Yes. One click to install the sample data file, then all you need is to edit text and change images according to your business. It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

However, please don’t forget the first demo site of JSN Moviebox template because it unveils all the interesting parts of Moviebox. Compared to Filmhub, it actually looks more complicated but serves a lot of purposes for a movie website.

Sum up

JSN Moviebox is a perfect movie template for anyone planning to build a website as their studio portfolio, a film critic website, a personal review blog or even an online training website. If you are worried about limited technical knowledge, then Moviebox is a simple thing to begin with. Try it now today!

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