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JSN Realtor - Modern Joomla real estate template

JSN Realtor

Today is not only a welcome to a new day but also a welcome to our “new member” first-rate Joomla real estate template - JSN Realtor.

With a perfect combination of JoomlaShine and OS Property, JSN Realtor will bring amazing experiences for you. Besides, this template can be versatile and powerful as a real estate template, which is suitable for any activities: lending, buying, selling, etc.

So, what experience will JSN Realtor bring to you? Let’s find out more in this article.

Responsive with Modern Design

JSN Realtor is designed with a fully responsive layout, and modern design, which helps this template becomes a perfect way to draw customer interest into your site.

Powerful Property Management System

JSN Realtor is a complete solution for real estate site thanks to OS Property - the best Joomla Real Estate extension. This extension not only provides you with a comprehensive and intuitive property management system but also a great advertising solution.

  • Comprehensive property listing: Classify clearly properties according to category.

  • Advanced search and filter: Choose property easily with a number of rooms, price range, amenities, and more.

  • Detailed property display: show every needed information with a logical layout and outstanding design.


  • Calculate mortgage, interest rate within site. 

Save more time with Pre-built Pages

JSN Realtor helps you shorten the time to expand your website with carefully basic Pre-built pages. All are also built by JSN PageBuilder 3 - The most complete Drag-n-Drop Builder, which helps you customize your site easily.

Moreover, we create another niche: JSN Munich - Joomla Property template specially for local brand.

Besides, we have JSN Munich - Joomla Property template specially for local brand. This will help you show properties in your local or blogs which share informative knowledge for your users to choose a suitable property.

JSN Realtor Overview

Besides modern and eye-catching design, along with excellent property management system, JSN Realtor also has top features that anyone wants.

  • SEO friendly templates
  • Fully responsive design
  • Styled for the OS Property extension
  • Compatible with any Joomla! 3x
  • Flexible layout, easy to customize.
  • Built-in GDPR compile module
  • 6 colour themes to choose from.
  • Save time with built-in pages: About, Sell, Buy, 404, Contact.
  • Powerful with JSN Sun Framework.

Integration with Joomla! Page Creator Extensions: JSN PageBuilder 3 and Joomla! Admin extension: JSN PowerAdmin 2.


In summary

JSN Realtor is the perfect combination among OS Property, JSN Sun Framework and JSN PageBuilder 3. This template is a comprehensive Joomla property management template for a real estate website.

Let's check it out!

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