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Update: JSN Sun Framework v.2.2.0 brings more benefits to templates


After releasing the latest powerful version of JSN PageBuilder 3, we are so eager to announce another update: JSN Sun Framework version 2.2.0 as a movement for JSN templates.

JSN Sun Framework is like a platform of JSN templates which share many common things so that users can get easily familiar with them. 

All the new improvements of JSN Sun Framework are related to the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) - the hottest topic in the world of websites since last month. Let’s take some minutes to update what JSN team has done for JSN Sun Framework on this blog.

Updated Cookie Consent

Look at the picture below and notice at the area marked in red color. This is an example of a Cookie Consent displaying on JSN Solid 2 template.

A Cookie Consent is a quick way to ask your visitors about their cookie permissions, making sure that your website is compliant with EU Cookie Consent Policy. When GDPR is finally enforced from 25 May 2018, plenty of websites have made a new change: to add a cookie consent on the front-end as a message to ask for users' agreements.

We have already enabled the cookie feature on every JoomlaShine templates right at the moment when they were first released. It was named “Cookie Law”, and in the version 2.2.0 of JSN Sun Framework the name has been changed to “Cookie Consent”.

Most of its settings are similar to those of the old version, except the Accept Script settings. All the scripts here will be activated if users agree to share their data, or they hit the Got It button. You can add tracking scripts to gather your customers’ preferences better for marketing tactics.

Tips: Here is the documentation of JavaScript tracking snippet from Google.

Here is how your site has a cookie consent with any of JSN template:

  • Firstly, please update JSN Sun Framework to the latest version.
  • Open one JSN template -> choose the Extras tab -> select Cookie Consent.
  • Then, please tick the Enable Cookie Consent box, and a list of settings appears below it.
  • Set up for the cookie consent, and hit the Save All button.

New Privacy Settings

When you install something new on a website, you may wonder whether it affects the whole data or not. That’s why JoomlaShine team finds it necessary to clarify this concern on the new update of JSN Sun Framework.

With the new JSN Sun Framework v. 2.2.0, you are enabled to decide to share your experience with us when using any JSN template on the Privacy feature. This option is meant to respect your privacy and make you understand how we collect, use, and share data from you.

You can open this feature by following these steps:

  • Open one JSN template -> go to the Settings tab in the top right corner -> Choose Privacy.
  • A new box appears on your screen to ask for your permissions to collect details about how you experience our template.
  • Tick the I agree, improve my experience box, and hit the Save Settings button to make an agreement.

Bug Fixings

Besides those changes above, we have been fixed some bugs from the previous version to make sure JSN Sun Framework version 2.2.0 operates well. Here they are:

  • Update HTML show component first on mobile
  • Set up the style border color for the button
  • Fix the conflict Minify HTML with sitemap component

To sum up, the version 2.2.0 of JSN Sun Framework mainly focuses on the features related to GDPR and fix bugs from the old version. We do expect your experience towards JSN templates will be better with this new update. Thank you.

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