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Best 4 Joomla security extensions to protect your website from hackers

Best 4 Joomla security extensions to protect your website from hackers

Let’s imagine, your site is running smoothly, your business is growing up day by day. But suddenly, you get an arrow to the heart: “You have been hacked” and everything is down. Grrrrrr, ****, what the **** is going on here?

No one wants this to happen. Now I’m going to share with you some of the best Joomla security extensions that I have used to help you stay away from hackers.

Just notice that I won’t mention Akeeba backup in this list because I believe all of us have it installed already.

Let’s get acquainted with your site’s guardians.

Commercial Joomla extension

This is the best Joomla security extension that I have ever used. It really takes care of your site based on a deep Joomla experience. It’s the only Joomla security service I know that has the ability to manage multiple sites at once.

Myjoomla crawls all the Joomla files and gives you the problems that can weaken your security. Of course, they also include powerful tools to fix these detected troubles. Plus, Myjoomla can help you backup your site and get Joomla core and Joomla extensions updated automatically.

It also informs you quickly about the site performance via email, Twitter or your phone app. All are easily configured with just clicks in an intuitive admin panel.

joomla security extensions-myjoomla

What I’m impressed with this service is that each feature is built with the Joomla expert knowledge and the profound care of a Joomla lover.

Just simply read all the information that explains you care about the trouble you get and how to overcome it, you will see what I mean. 

One more plus, when I have questions and contact them for support, I often get my answer within a few minutes. Phil really listens to my demands and guides me patiently.  By using this tool, I’m sure you will be stress-free from being hacked.

Check now


Free Joomla extension

AdminExile is highly recommended to anyone who wants to protect the administration area from hackers. By default, the link to access Joomla backend is your site/administrator. It’s too popular, right?

joomla security extensions-AdminExile

AdminExile provides you with a way to make the admin link unique. You can define the special access key as well as the special value to secure the link. So, no one can access the backend area if he doesn’t know the secret key.

This Joomla security extension also has an advanced IP security function and Brute Force detection. You will get a notification immediately via email when there is a strange IP attacking your site.

Check AdminExile now

Marco's SQL Injection

Free Joomla extension

Injection attack is a popular way that hackers use to hack your website.  Marco’s SQL Injection is built to protect you against SQL injection and local file inclusion (LFI) attacks

This handy Joomla security extension will check all the data sent to Joomla and block all the risks. Whenever it detects the attack, the system will send you an alert email.      

joomla security extensions-Marco's SQL Injection

You will find it dead easy to work with Marco’s SQL Injection. Everything is very clear. There is no update for this extension since 2014 but up till now, it still works perfectly and I haven’t had any issue with it.

Check Marco's SQL Injection 


Commercial Joomla extension - 29.95€/year

Securitycheck PRO gives you the full protection on folder/file management as well as traffic data. This Joomla security extension can make the web firewall against 90+ attack patterns, scan malware files with multiple extensions, block malicious user-agents  and block IP addresses based on its geolocation.

joomla security extensions-Securitycheck

Securitycheck has many tabs to configure due to the complex features. It can make you feel a bit confused at the first using time, but I found the PDF guideline very detailed and easy to follow.  

Check Securitycheck

Wrapping up

Although Joomla is very secure compared with other CMS, it still needs to be equipped with the latest tools to fight again new threads on the internet. 

Above are my 4 secret weapons to protect my Joomla sites from hacking. To protect your website against hackers even better, you need to consider using Joomla templates and extensions from trusted Joomla providers. Moreover, never let your guard down, install another protection layer is always necessary.

If you are serious about Joomla security, you should check them right now. Or do you have any special Joomla security extension? Feel free to leave a comment there -  it will help other Joomla users protect their sites better.

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