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Released JSN Blank 2 - Template for Joomla! Developers


JSN Blank 2, a well-known template from JoomlaShine for Joomla! developers, have been officially released today. The template is a perfect start for all Jooma! developers and site builders, that is empowered by JSN Sun Framework with simple setup process, full set of features and modern design.

As a basic Joomla! template, JSN Blank 2 can be configured easily to be applied for all website development. The template also has sample data like other JoomlaShine templates with optimized default images. Clean and clear concept make simple but professional design, with 6 color variations to make delicate changes in website layouts.

There are four main features that should be mentioned. The first is consistent content elements which are heading, paragraph, buttons, tables, etc that’s look perfect in any structure. Flexible module positions are shipped by JSN Sun Framework allow Joomla! users to select or create positions as they want. Three types of menu which are “side menu”, “mega menu”, and “tree menu” are always integrated. And the last is multiple content types, beside default content as image and text, the template also provides options for video, audio, gallery, quotes, and link.

The same as sample data, pre-built pages from JSN Blank 2 will help Joomla! developer to create a website faster. Another remarkable functionality of the new version is styles for default Joomla! content. That means Joomla! components such as content components, users components, contact components, and search components will have optimized front-end display by JSN Blank 2.

The second version of JSN Blank would create a standards to build other JoomlaShine templates. And it is exclusive for JSN Dev Package only.  

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