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JoomlaDay Italy has been organized in such a gorgeous and elegant city - Turin in Italy. The event lasted for only one day (27 October 2018) with so m...
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Do you know that Joomla! Team is calling for help to test the Privacy Tool Suite - the big improvement of the next version 3.9 of Joomla? Our campaign...
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Thanks to you, we have sent an amount of money as a help to the Joomla! Community. I guess you are waiting to know how much JoomlaShine has donated to...
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Get your template Get your extension Even a small help can make an impact on a big community. It’s time to pay tributes to our silent heroes behind th...
Nach Marco Poet
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  As you might know, most of JoomlaShine's products are being translated into many different languages. We are so pleased that a lot of users from man...
Nach Hanh
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  From the start of 2012 until now, Joomla Day 2012 has taken place in 17 cities around the world. The next stop is in Berlin, Germany in October 05-0...
Nach Tony Bui
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Joomla! in Munchen - http://www.flickr.com Joomla Day 2012 - What Are You Waiting for? Recently, a guy - my roommate kept saying about Joomla over and over again until I got sick of it. However, I'm a little curious about this kind of thing. What the heck is it, anyway? Why do people take so much care of it? Then I do some Google search and finally find this: Joomla Day 2012 event - sounds interesting, huh? What Is Called Joomla Day? Joomla Day actually is occasion when Joomla users (including those who are newbies as well as addicts) gather together to spread the word about Joomla and share their passion for it. Every year, Joomla Day event is hold in different places or nations and there's only one Joomla Day at a time in a specific location. So it's very exciting for Joomla users to prepare for this event in their local area. From day to day in this event, you will experience different environment of making new friends, broadening your knowledge, updating new tracks, themes of Joomla community and especially beer (the funniest part, I think).
Nach huyennt
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You might not know about Joomla! Days although you have used the CMS for long time. It is a pity if you miss such a cool event of the Joomla! world. This article will give you information about Joomla! Days in 2011. Probably you will join the events this year and see something different. First of all, you'd better know what Joomla! Day is, so...

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