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Nach Anicca
Veröffentlicht in Joomla Tutorials
Joomla 3.7 is a major update for Joomla with the multilingual association update that helps you a lot when creating a multiple language site. However, this version still has many errors when updating. This article focuses on common issues found among those who upgrade their Joomla websites from 3.6.5 to Joomla 3.7 and suggest some simple solutions to fix those issues.
Veröffentlicht in Joomla News
There was a time when Joomla users (now Joomlers) could hardly find information about Joomla’s roadmap, or the progress of Joomla development until a ...
Veröffentlicht in Website Development Tutorials
So here comes the final part of the series “Why you should choose Joomla”. This time, let’s break the myths about the ease of use in Joomla that many ...
Veröffentlicht in Joomla Story
This month, we had a great interview with Emerson – a full stack developer as well as a Joomla evangelist, a veteran Joomla Forum Moderator and a Joom...
Veröffentlicht in Website Development Tutorials
The first thing that everyone asks themselves when creating a website is, “ what CMS do I go for ”? If they are aware of the technicalities involved, ...
Veröffentlicht in Website Development Tutorials
We understand that no software in this world can run perfectly without any security issue. But, are there severe security vulnerabilities in Joomla? A...
Veröffentlicht in Website Development Tutorials
Talking about the debate of Joomla versus other CMSs, we can probably write some books. But let’s not do that. Since choosing Joomla or any other CMS,...
Veröffentlicht in Website Development Tutorials
Hello, it’s not magic! But yes, Joomla is alive, has been well and nowhere near its doomsday, like many people (sadly) believe that. Also, think again...
Nach Amber
Veröffentlicht in Extensions/ Templates review
Are you just tired of those wishy-washy Joomla medical templates with so many flashy effects but don’t give you what you want? It’s so funny that maki...

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