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I remember reading somewhere: Getting advice from the experts is like finding money in your pants on wash day . Well, I guess the feeling is pretty mu...
Veröffentlicht in Joomla Tutorials
One of the worst experiences that users might get when browsing the Internet is jumping to bad URLs or  getting back “404 files not found” pages . Thi...
Nach Anna
Veröffentlicht in Website Development Tutorials
*Last updated on 19th Oct 2016 The purpose of different types of web design is to make the best use of the existing technologies to create eye-catchin...
Nach huyennt
Veröffentlicht in Website Development Tutorials
  *Latest updates on 18th Oct 2016 Note: This guide is for those who have FULL access to the server when system configuration can be changed. If you a...
Nach Hanh
Veröffentlicht in Extensions/ Templates review
  Updated in Nov 2016 Have you found suitable Joomla extensions for your Joomla 2.5 site? Let's take a look at Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) which...

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