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Tips To Create GDPR Compliant Forms With JSN UniForm


Today, we talk about another topic of GDPR compliance: GDPR compliant forms.

Almost every website uses at least one form to collect customers’ information for different purposes (e.g., to get customers’ contacts). When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into force since last May, site owners are not allowed to collect users’ data without permissions of users. In this case, it obviously includes website forms.

If you are using JSN UniForm to make Joomla forms, you might wonder whether all of them are compliant with the GDPR. Don’t worry! JSN UniForm has already been prepared for this event. I will show you how our form builder extension can help you to create exact GDPR consent-compliant forms. Follow with me!

Captcha Choices

Currently, JSN UniForm offers you two types of Captcha to protect your site from spamming: reCAPTCHA and Securimage.

However, some areas in the world are about to stop using reCAPTCHA on websites for the sake of the GDPR.

How a reCAPTCHA runs on a site

For that reason, JSN UniForm provides another way to insert Captcha and still makes your Joomla form compliant with the GDPR. It is Securimage. No private information collected! Users have to verify human identity by typing a series of characters displayed on an image.

In case you want to integrate reCAPTCHA into a website, just remember to include a Privacy Policy according to both Google and the California Online Privacy Protection Act requirements.

Acceptance Note

Adding a small note to ask for collecting users’ data is a necessary thing to make your site become more trustworthy. It’s not just about GDPR compliance, but also respectful attitude towards your visitors.

Let JSN UniForm help you to compose a GDPR compliant form for your Joomla site via this guideline below:

  • Open one form in JSN UniForm -> choose the Design tab to modify the form design. Next, we need to create one small field in the Joomla form to ask for users’ permission to gather data.
  • Click the Add Field button -> Select “Checkboxes” because this is the area for users to make a selection.

  • Then, you need to change the content of this field by selecting the Properties button (1) -> choose Values (2) and click the Edit button (3).

  • Delete all the items, and insert an acceptance demand note in the HTML code. In this case, it is: Allow JoomlaShine to handle data in accordance to the privacy policy (1).

  • Hit the blue Done button (2) to confirm the content of this field.
  • To make the field compulsory, please return to the General tab and tick the Required box.

  • Finally, click the Save button on the taskbar to finish your GDPR compliant form.

Saving Submission Choices

Another feature of JSN UniForm supports your site to become more friendly with the GDPR, and it is called Save Submissions. With this feature, you can decide to save any form submission or not. Let’s follow me to see how to set it up!

At first, please go to the Action tab, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will notice an area called Post Submission Action.

If the setting is “Yes”, I suggest your site should have a small note at the bottom of the form to announce the policy of how the owner uses these submissions.

Final Words

To create GDPR compliant forms sounds complicated, but it will bring more credibility to your sites. Believe me! It's worth your time to make clear Joomla forms. Especially, JSN UniForm will help this work become easier with simple actions. Try it now!

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