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Top 5 JoomlaShine E-Commerce templates that work perfectly with J2Store


When creating a Joomla e-commerce website, sooner or later, you will come across J2Store, one of the top Joomla e-commerce extensions.

With its powerful features that help webmasters sell their products online easily, J2Store has slowly achieved its place in the Joomla community.

In order to provide a complete solution for anyone who is both seeking for a Joomla e-commerce extension and a beautiful Joomla template, we started a partnership with J2Store.

Till now, JoomlaShine has successfully released 12 Joomla eCommerce templates that work perfectly with J2Store extension and through that, we have helped thousands of customers to maximize their profit with an optimized Joomla e-commerce template.

Before going into the details of each template, let's see what J2Store got to offer.

Why should you choose J2Store?

“Let's help the newbies who want to start online businesses, setting up a store on the web and manage it easily. We need to make the whole thing easy peasy. Pretty much a child's play.”

That is the goal of J2Store since the day it is founded. In short, they want to help online businesses setting up an e-commerce shop as quick and easy as possible.

In order to achieve this, J2Store studied their targeted customers carefully. They get rid of any fancy features but hardly been used in predecessor shopping cart extensions. Instead, J2Store focuses mainly on those that are important and make it lightweight, and easy to use. You could learn more about J2Store features here.

Remember, you can experience J2Store extension with our exclusive 25% discount.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 5 JSN templates that work perfectly with J2Store

JSN BookStore

JSN BookStore is specially designed for online bookshops. With sleek, flexible and well-organized design, this e-commerce template is the best solution to create a showcase.

Despite the name, JSN BookStore can be used to exhibit arts, sculptures or any items that you have in mind.

JSN Kitchen

JSN Kitchen is the latest e-commerce template that our team released and updated at the end of 2020 in order to fully compatible with the J2Store extension.

This template is built with a clear interface and modern features in order to build a stylish website in a simple way.

Inspired by the vast world of home accessories, JSN Kitchen is promised to bring users the best experience for all parties involved, from web developers to store owners to customers. 

JSN Miro

Unlike any template, JSN Miro embraces the idea of minimalism to its design. “Less is more”. The template strips down all the unnecessary design, leaving the template with a simple yet elegant display.

With that idea, the products will get the maximum attention from visitors - a perfect solution for furniture, electrical, or fashion stores.

JSN Taste Tea

I would like to introduce you to one of the most popular JoomlaShine templates. 

The idea of JSN Taste Tea does not stop at selling tea but optimizing for any singular product store. Every section, image or layout was built to make that product outstanding in the eyes of the customers.

With the simple yet modern design, it brings a new style to your website that attracts your customers at the first glance. Being Integrated with J2Store extension, JSN Taste Tea is a good solution that helps to sell anything with ease.

JSN Shine

Last on the list, let’s bring back old school. JSN Shine is built based on the standard design for an online shop. And don’t get me wrong and underestimate when you heard “standard”. JSN Shine is one of the best multipurpose Joomla templates ever, containing 9 different niches templates with typical design.

Empowered by the most powerful Joomla template framework and a flexible Joomla page builder, JSN Shine is the ultimate solution for you to build an amazing website for almost any types and industries.

With that aforesaid, you will get the best value from this 9-in-1 Joomla e-commerce template.

In Summary,

That’s it. That is our top 5 Joomla eCommerce template that works perfectly with J2Store. However, there are plenty of other JoomlaShine templates that work with J2Store extension other than these 5. And don’t even think that we're gonna stop making them.

You now can experience all of these templates with our 25% discount for J2Store extension.

I hope our review will help you find the perfect template for your online business.

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