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Top must-have Joomla extensions for your Joomla 3.5 website

Top must-have Joomla extensions for your Joomla 3.5 website


So Joomla 3.5 has just been out with many cool features (there are 34 new ones – that’s sure a magic number!). Have you updated your website to this latest version? Surely you’ll need extensions that are Joomla 3.5 compatible too, right?

This time let JoomlaShine introduce to you some powerful extensions that any Joomla website must have to make your Joomla management an effortless task. And they are all up-to-dated with Joomla 3.5, of course.



This is a configurable and easy to use WYSIWYG editor for Joomla. It is a free extension to help you have an easier life creating Joomla website. It’s especially good for writing articles, blogs, image insertion and hyperlinking.

JSN PowerAdmin

JSN  PowerAdmin

This 5-star voted Joomla extension is your life-saver which lets you take over your Joomla website content like editing menus, components and modules with an all-in-one interface. Save your time with dragging and dropping items without having to check out the frontend. Plus, everything is simply done with a few clicks.

Securitycheck Pro

Securitycheck  Pro

Protect your Joomla website with this powerful extension! It provides you a high level of security when requiring a little effort. You can have malware scanning, web firewall, .htaccess protection and many more from this Joomla security extension to have your site strong enough against malicious attacks.



SEO is always the big deal for any website. Get this extension installed in your Joomla site to improve your SEO ranking and attract more traffic. The configuration of this extension is no puzzle. You’ll have a fully SEO equipped website within just clicks.



Talking about SEO improvement again, this Joomla sitemap generator is the perfect tool for you. It also has integration with Google Webmasters Tools and Search Console to give you more power in optimizing your website for search engine. Give it a try!

Akeeba Backup

Akeeba  Backup

Any website will need a regular backup to save for emergency cases such as saving website after being hacked or losing important data. Let Akeeba Backup do the heavy lifting for you.

This extension create a site backup that can be restored on any Joomla!-capable server. You can use it even for site transfers or deploying sites to your clients' servers.

Universal AJAX Live Search

Universal  AJAX Live Search

This is a multi-performance Joomla search extension that saves you great time in creating a smooth search experience on your Joomla website. Searching for modules or articles, this extension can do both exceptionally well. Plus the search results are displayed in a nice design so it’s very user friendly to your site’s users.

What Joomla extensions are you using?

So above are my recommendations of the must-have Joomla extensions that every Joomla website needs. How about you? What helpful Joomla extensions are you using that deserve to be in this list? Feel free to add your nomination in the comment section.

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