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Update: JSN UniForm 4.1.9 comes with new features and better moves


This week we are very glad to announce a new update to our Joomla form builder extension - JSN UniForm with extended fields and improved features. Thanks to your valuable feedback, the version 4.1.9 is the result of JSN UniForm team with day-by-day efforts. Let's take a closer look at what has been changed in our Joomla form maker.

Flexible Page Arrangement

There are cases when you need to create such a long form to collect more information from your audience. But it is not a smart way to display a lengthy form right straight on the screen, which is very likely to let your audience down.

Therefore, JSN UniForm allows you to create multi-page forms for Joomla websites. In the latest version 4.1.9, you are enabled to arrange the position of pages in one form. Let’s imagine your form has been done with 3 pages, but then later, you want to change their positions.

Don’t worry! Just simply choose the Pages tab in JSN UniForm, then drag and drop any page to the position that you wish.

Change the position of a form page by dragging and dropping it

New Form Fields: Address & Country

With Joomla sites related to eCommerce and services, it is very essential to get detailed and exact address information from their customers. Aware of this insight, JoomlaShine team decided to add two new fields: Address and Country in the design area of JSN UniForm. It is such a good solution for any website creators seeking a kind of Joomla forms to ask for audience places.

To add these fields to your form, please go to the Design tab -> click the Add Field button and a list of form fields pop up on your screen. Here you can select Address or Country for the form design.

Improved Google Captcha function

Google Captcha is created for security purposes, and in this case, it is to ensure only human users can fill in website forms and reduce the risks of cheating computers or bots.

Normally, you have to enable the Captcha - ReCaptcha plugin to integrate the Google Captcha in a Joomla form. With old versions, when the captcha plugin is enabled, its assets will always be loaded on every page, which causes some inconvenience.

To fix this problem, we have updated the code base of JSN Uniform Captcha - ReCaptcha mechanism.

Moreover, you can decide what audience group (Guests, or both Guests and Registered members) is required to check the Captcha box of one specific Joomla form.

Bug Fixings

In addition to new features and improvements, the new version 4.1.9 of JSN UniForm also removes a few bug errors from the previous version, and they are related to CSS and form styles.

To sum up, JSN UniForm version 4.1.9 certainly bring you a better experience with flexible page arrangement, new fields for the Design area, improved Captcha function and fewer bug errors. We do appreciate your feedback of this new update so that we can improve it much better. Thank you.

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