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Why do you need a Joomla Christmas Sales Landing Page and How to build it


Black Friday & Cyber Monday seasons are over and Christmas is coming. This is the last "wave" of customers for the year and you need to prepare your e-commerce website for the holiday.

Normally, the homepage is like a "welcome gate", greeting your online guests. However, do you think it is the right gate for the purpose of delivering information about your Christmas promotion to the customers?

Now, you can modify your homepage to make it more "Christmassy" by throwing in some Christmas tree, presents or Jingle Bells design; and replacing your daily “promotion section” with a Christmas promotion banner. Though, this is NOT the purpose of a homepage. You might consider driving your traffic to a landing page.

Purpose of a promotional landing page

Promotional product landing pages are designed to capture information regarding your prospective users so that no lead is going to waste. For every interaction, users are encouraged to purchase your products. However, for those who do not, you can use their information captured on your landing page to continue gently nurturing them through marketing on social media or email campaigns.

Why should you use landing pages for the upcoming Christmas event?

I believe that the real question is "Why shouldn't you?". Landing pages help you increase your conversion rate and lower your cost-per-acquisition.

And to achieve this goal, placing relevant promotion items on the page is crucial. All merchants understand that among many of their products, there are some best selling items that generate over 80% of the revenue.

Imagine sitting at a table with plenty of food in front of you, these foods can be considered as your products and the table is your landing page. The table space is the time the customers have to view your products, which is limited. Now, stuffing loads of items on the table can make the decision making process harder. Therefore, the key point here is to only include products that generate revenue.

The content design of your Joomla Christmas landing page depends on the products you’re offering. When the campaign is over, landing page won’t be necessary anymore since in this case, landing page acts as a filter, you will know which customers are interested in your promotional campaign.

So answering the main question: Why should we use landing pages for Christmas Sales? The answer is Message match.

Now, let’s push this matter further and go to the "building" section.

Building your Joomla Christmas Sales Landing Page

I know what you're thinking, why bother creating the landing page from scratch when you can find a solution through one of Joomla's extensions. As a merchant ourselves, we understand that there are numbers of Joomla extensions to support the performance of your e-commerce website.

One of the criteria to consider when choosing a page builder extension is that the extension should have pre-designed layouts for you to choose from. This will be more convenient and less time consuming when building your Joomla landing page for Christmas. All you need to do is replace the default content with your own.

As you can see below in our JSN PageBuilder 4 page template, there are different types of templates for your demand and with a little justification, you can build a beautiful landing page by referring to this blog.

And a little surprise for you guys, to serve this purpose in particular, we have added 2 Christmas Sales Landing Page templates to serve your needs.

Another thing to keep in mind, everybody's using smartphones and tablets to shop online nowaday. Having a responsive design is crucial for any landing page in particular and for any webpage in general.

Tips: Mobile devices’ screens can be smaller and hard to consume information if there’s lots of items showing. So you might want to cut down on unnecessary information such as graphics or distractions and focus on important things.

JSN PageBuilder 4 is built with a function for your website to be compatible between devices. Also, it has a mobile and tablets editing view so that you can modify each device specifically.

Final word

This might be the final chance for you to boost sales through the last holiday season of the year. Give JSN Page Builder 4 a try and increase your annual revenue through the landing page for Christmas campaign.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave your comment in this post. We will assist you in our best.


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