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Mehr als 100.000 glückliche Kunden und es werden immer mehr...

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Person Name: EMRAH SEVGI
Person Title: CEO

I am your customer and I want thanked to you your template and JSN ImageShow extension. Since your template and extension are very visual and effective many sites, copied our site. Many site, copied our site’s pictures. I was obliged to warn that sites for copying our site and using our site’s pictures. We succeed in stop that sites illegal usage. But I must confession to when someone copied my site I am inordinately proud. But this pride and success is yours. Because you are the best on conceiving template and extension. You are the best giving support. I want to thank to you. I am sorry for my English. I hope I can explain my pleasures.

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Website URL: http://www.plus-assistance.eu//

Thanks! What a great new updater online, onsite and a great product version comparison. that's all - just wanted to let you know!

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Person Title: CEO

I've been looking for a solid Slide Show module and The JSN ImageShow Pro is absolutely awesome! Easy to install and configure, great documentation, excellent support and quick and knowledgeable response time. What's not to like. I am using it with the JSN EPIC Template Pro Pack on Joomla! 1.5

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Website URL: http://www.nextvision-solutions.ch/

Wir haben bereits zahlreiche Projekte mit JSN Templates und Erweiterungen implementiert. Wir schätzen das Design, die Funktionalität und die Flexibilität der JSN Lösungen. Aber fast noch wichtiger für uns sind die hervorragenden JSN Support Mitarbeiter. Sie helfen uns jederzeit mit praktischen Lösungen. Und selbst wenn wir eine Menge Unterstützung benötigen, sind diese Jungs sehr freundlich und immer bereit zu helfen. Vielen Dank dafür!

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Person Name: HARRY HART
Person Title: CEO

I found a perfect product and partner with JoomlaShine! I couldn't possibly learn all about templates by myself, starting from scratch. They have such professional, complete but configurable templates with many, many options: lots of user positions!, colors, module configurations... with great help and nice people! Thanks JoomlaShine!

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Person Name: ROBERT
Website URL: http://www.damagecontrolshop.com/

I just wanted to say thanks. I have never used Joomla and you guys have made it so easy to use with all the support and docs. I will be updating to the next level soon. Thank you for the quick response and fixing my errors and Misclicks.

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Person Name: MICHAEL
Website URL: http://www.thesnowdonian.com/

What a pleasure implementing such a well designed, flexible and attractive template (in conjunction with JSN Imageshow). The template is easy to configure, and very flexible with many configuration options. Documentation is strong and accurate.

In conjunction with the JSN Imageshow, it is a potent combination and was ideal for our photography portal to make the best of our landscape images.

Well worth the small investment

Snowdonia is one of the UK's most popular National Parks, based in North Wales.

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Person Name: G.V.D.TUUK

Dear reader,

I just installed JSN Tendo and JSN Image Show. I also installed JSN Power Admin. I'm overwhelmed. It looks great. It works fantastic. Especially the tutorial video's make live easier. It’s even more than I couldn't image. Well done JSN. You’re my favorite.

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Website URL: https://skysetter.com/

I can't say enough about how much I love your templates! I am using your templates as my first try at a Joomla website building and I'm finding much success! Your documentation on the website design and layout is easy to learn and understand! Your template is easy to configure for a first time website builder. And JSN ImageShow is fantastic! Super easy to use and configure! What a pleasure it is to find a template team with such an easy product.

Thanks again

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Person Title: CEO

I have used JSN for some time now and I am very satisfied with both the template and the imageshow. Easy to work with, bug-free and with an outstanding look. Simply the best. Thank you for your great work.

Best Regards

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Person Name: CHIP
Website URL: http://www.chipelliott.org

I am a Joomla! neophyte. Yet, one of the most professional decisions I ever made was using JoomlaShine products. I purchased the pro versions of Epic, Tendo and JSN Imageshow. Whenever I have run into a problem, Joomlashine has responded within HOURS and had me up and running. They have been extremely patient with my sometimes slow learning curve and have helped me learn not only their products but Joomla! as well.

I thank each and every one of the JoomlaShine team I have worked with. Job well done.

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Website URL: http://printingpeach.ca/

One of my developers introduced me to JoomlaShine and honestly, I owe that guy a big fat bonus this year!

We've been able to produce really amazing looking sites that our clients love in extremely short periods of time. This has meant much happier customers which makes me ECSTATIC!

On top of that, my design staff has been able to be more productive in a much calmer environment.

Totally thrilled :) Thanks guys.

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Person Title: Owner at Homefront Technologies LLC

JoomlaShine dedicated support, totally made a work-around for my issue here. Apparently there is a known conflict with something Virtuemart and the JS_menu.js or something to that effect. These people at JoomlaShine are without a doubt the best support in the Joomla community. I use most of the popular joomla clubs and I can't even get an acknowledgment to some questions I have posted in there ticket systems and/or forums. There is one in particular that really makes me laugh, not to mention any club names, but there is a guy named Bob that is support for one of the clubs and he is downright rude. I never asked anything there because of all the rude replies I have read while searching for answers.

I have only been running Joomla sites for the past two years or thereabouts and it was JoomlaShine I tried first, because of the awesome documentation for the JSN Epic pro template and the earlier version of ImageShow. Now they have grown to be even better than before and seems to be getting even better. I will be a loyal customer as long as my clients need SEO and Websites.

Keep up the outstanding work JoomlaShine!

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Person Title: CEO
Website URL: http://www.epicsigns.co.za/

What an appropriate name. This is just a big thank you to a great company with great products and even better customer service.

After getting our next order to design a website for a signage company, I decided to invest in Joomlashine, since I already bought their JSN Imageshow Pro, and new the quality of their products. I bought their Template Development Package, and decided to use the JSN Epic template for this project.

After a month of blood, sweat and tears, I'm sitting with a signed off project and very happy client. This is in no small part due to the Joomlashine team who was there all the way, to help solve the numerous problems I encountered, quickly and professionally. They even went out of their way to help out with problems that wasn't even directly related to their template. I ended up even purchasing and using their JSN Uniform Pro. So you can say this site is basically build on Joomlashine products.

I can really recommend Joomlashine wholeheartedly, as their products are really superior in quality, style, and thoroughness, and you can take on any project on with confidence, knowing you have their full backup every step of the way.

Thank you and well done Joomlashine!

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Person Name: MARTIN LUKE
Website URL: http://www.masa-media.de/

I think the JoomlaShine tool series is one of (maybe THE) most professional products for the Joomla CMS. They provide rich features and high ease of use. JoomlaShine offers fast and professional support.

If you need professional templates and slideshows for Joomla, all you need is JoomlaShine EPIC and ImageShow :-)

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Person Name: IAN WOODS
Person Title: CEO

I had looked at a lot of templates for this website but the quality and flexibility of your JSN Epic Pro template fitted our needs perfectly. The JSN ImageShow Pro is also fantastic and, for us, is the icing on the cake. Great stuff, well worth the money.

Many Thanks

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Person Name: ARON KOVACS
Website URL: http://www.online-angol.com

The support has been very helpful when I came across some registration problem. I was at a loss but they gave me a hand and fixed the problem in no time. This support is invaluable when it comes down to a problem you cannot solve on your own. It was a good decision to purchase PRO Unlimited and that little extra money was well worth it. The problem they solved was not at all connected to their template (which is a very good one) but it was general Joomla problem. These guys really know their craft and were very helpful. Thanks a lot.

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Person Title: CEO

After joining a number of the template clubs around and being disappointed with buggy templates and poor support I found Joomla Shine. Joining here was a great move. nice clean, very configurable templates and extensions backed up with speedy after sales support.

I'm upgrading my account to the developer on the strength of my experience so far. Well done.

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Person Title: CEO

Dear JoomlaShine Team

I love your templates, 'cause they're 100 % customizable!

And your support is great! For me the support for a product is the most important thing, and you really understand what you are doing.

I have a lot of Memberships for a lot of extensions for Joomla. But from all them, your support really convinced me.

Keep it up!


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Person Title: CEO
Website URL: http://www.donthomasconstruction.com/

Outstanding Products, Outstanding Support, Outstanding Business Ethics...Every company should follow these guys. The products are very configurable and, of the very few issues I have ever had, they have taken care of them promptly, satisfactorily, and professionally.


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Person Title: Designer
Website URL: http://anthonywanye.net

I have used Drupal for years, and actually my own website is a Drupal site, but I'd been wanting to switch to Joomla for a long time. I design the odd web page on the side, and Joomla Shine was what finally made me make the switch over to Joomla! I wish I'd had this when I made my own site!