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Joomla University & School templates with professional design will make education Joomla websites more friendly and trustful.

Reasons to choose our Joomla Education templates

  • From kindergarten, school to university site, we have a template for each.
  • Ensure perfectly responsive, mobile-friendly in Joomla Education templates
  • Menu variation for optimizing navigation on site.
  • Special pre-built pages for only school template: class, circulumn, event, and so on.
  • Easy to customize with Drag-n-Drop layout builder.

What our customer says?

What a pleasure implementing such a well designed, flexible and attractive template (in conjunction with JSN Imageshow). The template is easy to configure, and very flexible with many configuration options. Documentation is strong and accurate. In conjunction with the JSN Imageshow, it is a potent combination and was ideal for our photography portal to make the best of our landscape images. Well worth the small investment Snowdonia is one of the UK's most popular National Parks, based in North Wales.
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JSN KidZone - Colorful Joomla template for kindergarten & school site

2 niche(s)3.x

JSN Educo - Feature-Rich Education Joomla Template

1 niche(s)3.x

JSN Decor 2 - High-class Joomla education template

2 niche(s)3.x

JSN EduCare - Robust Joomla education template for school & university site

6 niche(s)3.x

JSN Dona 2 - Impressive multipurpose Joomla template

1 niche(s)3.x

JSN Pixel 2 - Joomla template for Multi-purpose website

2 niche(s)3.x

JSN Solid 2 - Education template with attractive design

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JSN Epic 2 - Joomla business template crafted for corporate websites

9 niche(s)3.x

JSN Shine - All-in-one template designed for every type of website

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