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JoomlaShine supports and diskussionen

Fehler mit joomla 3.9.8

Fellows & Sparks


A site for an Italian Artist

latest job:

Site up and running - Dona 2 Template

Webcast With Megazine 2

Is it a place for your members to show off their work and get feedback?

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Template customizer has a few items missing

Uniform cost calculation

Date Range Uniform

Wish for feature in new template

JSN UniForm PRO UNLIMITED v3.1.5 "do action" form

Retina support for Template Site Logos

Default JSN Styles

Database Table rjf6u_jsn_pagebuilder3_revisions

Integration of Font Awesome PRO?

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Would like a template with a Blog Layout NOT in Table Format

domain is missing in the license domain list

Custom Work

Can't use a pro. template

Problem pro

Joomla Upgrade - JSN Mico Upgrade

Unable to update paid template - Your lizens is expired.

Unable to upgrade from FREE TO PRO templates

Pagebuilder IniForm

License expired

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