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Custom Work

Hi team,

I am requesting custom work for a ticket raised below,



In Joomla Search Component, to add highlighted search terms to the results articles (similar to SmartSearch).

Within the search results page, the listed results has search terms highlighted in the preview. But once clicked on a search result title, the article that opens does not highlight the search terms, making it much harder to find the correct content.

The goal is, once my users click on a search result title, the article that opens will have highlighted search terms as well.

In Smart Search Component, the articles itself will have highlighted search terms (I cannot use Smart Search as it is very slow on my large site so that's not an option).

I have tried to add,

<span class="highlight">Joomla</span>

To my template.css file by going to Extensions > Template Manager > My Template > css > template.css

But the highlighted search terms still do not work.

There must be a way to achieve this?

Please let me know if your team can help.


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