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Dear JoomlaShine customers,

Firstly, we have to say, we are really thankful for receiving so much love and support from you in 2015. Since February 2016, JoomlaShine will apply a new policy to bring you better Joomla! products and support service.

1. For Orders after February 1st 2016:
[th][left]WHAT’S NEW?[/left][/th]
[th][left]WHAT’S OLD?[/left][/th]
[td]6-month subscription[/td]
[td]3-month usage
Graphic source files[/td]
[td]12-month subscription [/td]
[td]Lifetime usage[/td]

With this new policy, for orders after February 2016, after your subscription is expired, to get the new product updates as well as support, you might want to renew your subscription. We have attractive discount on your subscription renewal so you don’t have to hesitate to join another round with us!

2. For Orders before February 1st 2016:
If you bought from us before February 2016, you still can enjoy the lifetime update. All the benefits stated in our policy at the moment you bought our products will be maintained.

[b]What will you get from this change?[/b]
+ Better Joomla products for you to use Joomla with comfort
+ Faster support from JoomlaShine support gurus
+ Better and more pain-killer solutions for your Joomla website development with new Joomla templates and extensions
+ Faster update patch releases for all products

[b]And we’re planning to make more “Happy Joomling” moments for you – It’s a commitment![/b]

  • Continuing updating JSN templates with new features: mega menu, mobile displays, cookie law, and more.
  • Refining JSN extensions: making them compatible with latest Joomla version, improving extension performance, etc.
  • Rolling out new kick-ass Joomla templates and extensions
  • Replying your support questions even faster& more effective
  • Providing more insightful Joomla tutorials to help you use Joomla with comfort (we did a pretty good job last year – checkout this collection)

Thank you for being with us! Here’s to an even more memorable journey with Joomla together!
If you wish to clear your mind about the new changes in our policy, don’t hesitate to ask us and contact us directly.
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