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Very Nice!

graphic border image

[P] Add RTL template version

SOLVED - Vertical menu with "suckerfish effect" (?),

SOLVED - Latest News breadcrumbs

[P] Implementation template to JCal PRO

[C] 3D effect on bottom side of template

[C] Breadcrumb setting confuse

[C] Search area instead of "Font Resizer"

[C] Suckefish below slideshow

[C] Long logo without Top Icon Menu

[C] Language feature on Top Right side

SOLVED - menu suckerfish : Don't work cottectly?

[C] No message about Intruction in JSN Epic Free package

[V:1] Client wishes - Suckefish Menu (roll menu) on left column

[V:1] Template color selector

SOLVED - How to remove icons when linking files?

SOLVED - Breadcrumbs vs. Pathway

How to align center image in JSN ImageShow ?

Two Problems - Images Too Large; Transition Overlaps

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