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Do you want a classy look in your hotel, restaurant website? Take a look at Joomla Hotel templates from JoomlaShine optimized for service industry

Reasons to choose our Joomla hotel/restaurant templates

  • Brilliant visual design for Joomla restaurant/hotel template with a powerful built-in framework
  • Run smoothly and responsively in desktop and smartphone screen
  • Friendly front-end design with the perfect combination of K2 and Kunena extension
  • Integrate with Jomers extension to build an outstanding hotel booking system: JSN Levart 2, JSN Sky 2
  • Well supported with effortless configuration and detailed documents

What our customer says?

I just downloaded your JSN EPIC Free Template. It came with a self-help PDF file instructing me on how to modify and convert the template to my particular site details. I was so impressed with your instructions (clear, concise and correct) that I will be buying the full template! I have been searching for three days now on over 5 different companies (Joomlart, Siteground, BestofJoomla, Joomla24, Joomlashack, etc) and searched over hundreds of templates for our Community Football Website. It is amazing that nobody has created a Football (American) template. I will continue to use yours. Thanks,
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JSN Voyage - Tourism & Hotel Booking Template

2 niche(s)3.x

JSN Bakery - Bakery & restaurant template with impressive UI/UX element & eCommerce solution

1 niche(s)3.x

JSN Cube 2 - Stunning visual template for restaurant websites

1 niche(s)3.x

JSN Gruve 2 - Joomla template for restaurant website

1 niche(s)3.x

JSN Levart 2 - Intuitive booking & travel Joomla template

1 niche(s)3.x

JSN Sky 2 - Classy Joomla template for hotel & hospitality site

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