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JoomlaShine dedicated support, totally made a work-around for my issue here. Apparently there is a known conflict with something Virtuemart and the JS_menu.js or something to that effect. These people at JoomlaShine are without a doubt the best support in the Joomla community. I use most of the popular joomla clubs and I can't even get an acknowledgment to some questions I have posted in there ticket systems and/or forums. There is one in particular that really makes me laugh, not to mention any club names, but there is a guy named Bob that is support for one of the clubs and he is downright rude. I never asked anything there because of all the rude replies I have read while searching for answers. I have only been running Joomla sites for the past two years or thereabouts and it was JoomlaShine I tried first, because of the awesome documentation for the JSN Epic pro template and the earlier version of ImageShow. Now they have grown to be even better than before and seems to be getting even better. I will be a loyal customer as long as my clients need SEO and Websites. Keep up the outstanding work JoomlaShine!
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