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Site up and running - Dona 2 Template

latest job:

Organized Labor

John Sovec, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Why are you not allowing people to comment on Showcase postings?

Clinic Site Sample


Organizing Downloads

Searching in forums

Please remove

How does a product demo attract you? - Feedback

Mulitple Suggestions

JoomlaShine needs your proofreading skills!

jot updated pagebuilder joomla extension page

ability to search my own posts

advanced search for the forum

where is the old forum?

Pagebuilder generate a cross in website before the menu's

Update problem

Registered domain dissapeared from licence list

PBV3 1.0.9 HOT FIX Media Link Does Not Work!

Alt+S - problem in writing text in Polish language

PBV3 Tabs and Images Internet Explorer 11

Problems with expositions

Version 1.0.9 patched Version does not work on module positions

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How to do height of site flexible?

menu is not show

maincontent isn't render after framework update

Page not displaying but it was working last week and i cant find a fix

How to edit article or module with page builder?

Broken Dona 2 module

Error when loading web site (console inspector)

Background color of the footer menu

Why do the "Extension link styles" no longer

No article Link in Joomla Shine

Sticky-positions should switch in and out on mouseclick

Upgrade to Joomla 3.8.1 destroyed my site

Mobile Menu Icon Disappears After Upgrade

Epic Pro update?

Menu Item Type: Create Article don´t work with shine

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About licenses.

Grabbing layout elements from the list not possible any more

PBV3 Dev Licensing Problem

How to get a renewal of JSN Dome Pro standard


Unlimited licence expired and error

Free version

Square Payments

RETA 2 PB2 confusion

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