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As an All In One Developer Package LifeTime purchased 5 months ago, I'm very sad to hear jsn is over.
Some questions:
-Will any of the products purchased and downloaded work in, let's say, year 2023? No support, of course, but will my current websites work as they are working now using your products? Both front end and back end.
- For future and new domains, if I want to use a template on a new registered domain, for example, will everything work? When your products are being used on a new domain, that domain appears on "license domains" inside customer area and we can register (license) it since some features in back end are blocked until you register those domains... but in 12 months there will be no place to license new domains. Will everything work anyway without restrictions?
I'd like to know If I can still use long-term what I purchased for in my personal, non professional developments.
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