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Hi I'm a developer and I need a template to use for vehicle and boat type sales.

Car, boat or plane sales is kind of like real estate sales in a way but the fields are all different. An advertisement needs to have some pictures, a description, and several fields that allow the advertisement to be categorised so people can search. For example a visitor might want to search for a particular brand of car or boat, that has a certain engine, and less than x kilometres etc.

A visitor also needs to be able to complete a simple form on each advertisement that goes to the submitter of that add so they can establish contact.

the site would sell an advertising space, but we would enter the add for the customer. We'd need to have a product that is an add extension so an advertiser could extend their add if they chose to.

The big question... Which Joomlashine template would be best for this purpose? Do you know the site of someone whose already done this so I could get an idea of what is achievable?

Thanks you in advance. Ideas from the JS team or anyone are welcome.
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