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Hey All -
It is obvious to me that you really need some of the pro versions of your extensions to effectively use your templates. I was a little frustrated by that since. My first reaction was I paid for the template as it is in the demo, it should be easy to use that way. But it's fine. When i bought the templates, i was new and didn't really understand. I am used to working with Rocketheme mostly, and also yootheme & shape5 that do things differently. I REALLY like your templates though, and want to use more.

I did not know that i can get everything for $299 rather than just buy the individual templates. This is clearly the right way to go because so many of your extensions are really needed to effectively use the templates anyway. So its time I switch from Rockettheme. You are doing a better job.

I want to know if you will credit or discount the purchase of the templates I bought against the 299, so i can change to that system. I want to order today or tomorrow.

Please let me know ASAP. I have to work on the newest one (MEDIS2) for a client project.

Thank you!
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