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Hi Folks,
Is there a way to show different Main Menus on different pages? I'm tearing my hair out!
(I have quite a deep menu system (6-10 levels) which I would like to make more easily navigable.)
I've done quite extensive googling but been unable to get it working on my site - although I think that I've been able to do so before. Here's my current best attempt:
(Summary: Created External URL links on the initial Main Menu, to menu items that are excluded from the original Main Menu Menu Assignment list, but included on the replacement Main Menu Menu Assignment list.)

  1. Created a new menu (Title: Test Areas Sub Menu | Menu Type: test-areas-sub-menu)
  2. Added Menu Items to the Test Areas Sub Menu, pointing to K2 Items (Test Area 1|Test Area 2|Test Area 3)
  3. Created a Menu Module for the Test Areas Sub Menu (Select Menu: Test Areas Sub Menu | Base Item: Current | Position:mainmenu | Menu Assignment - Only on the pages selected (Test Area 1|Test Area 2|Test Area 3))
  4. Created External URL Menu Items on the Main Menu for the Test Area menu items (Test Area 1; Test Area 2; Test Area 3)
  5. Removed the Test Area menu items from the Main Menu Menu Assignment List

Current result: The Main Menu appears on the Test area pages, instead of the Test Areas Sub Menu.
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