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Hi JSNers,

JoomlaShine is happy to announce that JSN PageBuilder 4 is finally ready for Open Beta. Before it officially appears on JoomlaShine website, we open the Beta program to invite you to experience the product and give helpful feedback so that we can accomplish this product perfectly. To join, please see the instructions in this post:

Thank you and Best regards

These CSS codes for images seems like they would be very advantageous to have built into PageBuilder 3

{filter: saturate(3); }
{filter: grayscale(100%); }
{filter: contrast(160%); }
{filter: brightness(0.25); }
{filter: blur(3px); }
{filter: invert(100%); }
{filter: sepia(100%); }
{filter: hue-rotate(180deg); }
{filter: opacity(50%); }
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