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  4. foreach() argument warning on template settings page
Whenever I enter the template settings page, an warning info line displays on top of the editing frame:
Warning: foreach() argument must be of type array|object, null given in /home/secarica/www/www/plugins/system/jsntplframework/libraries/joomlashine/template/admin.php on line 360

Happens on three different web sites, each with a different JSN template (Epic, Solid and Ventura), all Gen.1 versions. Apart from that warning, I did not observe any other trouble, but I didn't played with the settings too much either these days.

I suppose it has something to do with the Joomla! latest versions (currently on version 3.10.11).

The offending line 360 from the admin.php file is this:

foreach ($optionsXml->xpath('//*[@method]') AS $node)
$nodeType = (string) $node->getName();
$method = (string) $node['method'];

if ( ! in_array($nodeType, array('fieldset', 'field')))

if ( ! isset($context[$method]))
$context[$method] = array();

$context[$method][(string) $node['name']] = $node;

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