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Forking Epic Pro?

As a matter of interest?
Why is Joomlashine forking Epic Pro to Epic Pro 2?

Is it to slowly but surely get out of the original contract that guaranteed a 'Life Time' agreement with the purchasers of the Epic Pro template and slowly push them into the yearly contract as well? If so then that would surely make the Developers 'Life Time' contract very suspect if you ask me seeing that its based on the same premise?

Developers $699/lifetime ( as with the Epic Pro 'Lifetime' contract was also sold under this premise and since then, real time support was removed which was in the contract and now the template is being forked as well to slowly oust the original versions and push users into the new yearly license thereby getting out of the original contract?

Epic Pro and Epic Pro 2 is still the same template, not referring to technical changes here which is inevitable, just different versioning which violates the original contract with the 'Lifetime' Purchasing packages? If this is the case then for sure I would not trust the so called 'Lifetime' Developers contract either, just saying, in case Joomlashine decides to violate this agreement a well by changes it to Developers Lifetime version 2.

I am sure some technical 'explanations' can be justified, but the fact is Epic Pro is still Epic Pro, irrespective of the versioning.
If this is the case, then I think refunding those that fall under the original purchasers contract would be in order seeing that Joomlashine is in violation of the sales agreement.

if this is the case then sadly to say, the premise that made Joomlashine grow wont be there anymore and Rockethemes will be in direct competition with Joomlashine due to the on par yearly fees pushed onto users and that can only have one outcome sadly to say.
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